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Top 10 Must Have Pieces of Camping Equipment for Families

Camping with kids can either be fun or a nightmare, depending on the amount of preparation done prior. That means, packing all the essentials as well as being ready to entertain them when they start to get restless or bored. Before the joy of camping with your little ones turn into a nightmare, it’s important to know these must-haves while camping with kids.To go Camping Equipment with your family can be much more enjoyable if you have with you these ten essential pieces of Camping Equipment.

Camping Equipment

Camping Equipment for Families

1. Tent

A reliable tent is a top priority when camping with kids. It’s their main shelter for the nights and days you’ll be out in the wild. You should pick a sturdy and comfortable tent that will protect your kids from any external elements, such as mosquitos, flies, bugs, snakes, lizards, bees and ants. Your kids may be allergic to different bug bites and will be in grave danger to animal bites.

The tent will be your shelter from these elements and it will serve as a place you can hang out at night for bedtime stories and games. The tent should also be spacious enough to avoid kids getting cramped or overcrowded. This will also avoid any potential incidents of anxiety or claustrophobia attack. A tent with enough breathing space will make it easier for kids to move around and do their things inside.

2. Sleeping items

Your kids need a comfortable and sound sleep, so they can enjoy the fun activities that await them when they wake up. Keeping them comfortable for bed at camp can help you avoid tantrums, whining, and potential sleeplessness. That said, camping with kids will not be complete without the following:

  • Sleeping bags
  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Favorite sleeping items
  • Stuffed toys

Your kids will be able to sleep soundly at night and ready for the action the next day. You’ll also get to rest without worrying about anyone having outbursts in the middle of the night.

3. Food and drinks

Pack food that is easy to prepare, cook, or serve. Having food that’s readily available or easy to prepare lets you feed them without much effort. Your kids will also love it when they have snacks ready and available at any time they want. Bring food and drinks that your kids love at any time of the day, and a lot of water to keep them hydrated all throughout the day and night. Avoid packing up a lot of soda or sugary drinks.

4. Camp kitchen equipment

You will need to bring with you a portable camp kitchen equipment that’s easy to set up, safe, and not difficult to carry. These equipment and tools should be the portable types and not the regular ones you have in your own kitchen. There are a lot of kitchen Camping Equipment and tools that are designed for camping, and you can easily find them at any online camping and/or retail stores.

5. Appropriate clothing

Your kids must be appropriately dressed based on the location you’re setting up camp. This means bringing clothes that are appropriate for the time of the day, weather, conditions, and temperature. If you’re setting up camp near a lake in the middle of the forest, you’ll need to bring pieces of clothing that your kids can wear during your activities especially when you’re planning to have a swimming activity.

Camping Equipment for Families

6. First aid kit

Being out in the wild and far from civilization always requires you to be prepared. This means that you’ll be ready with any untoward situations. There might be wild moments as well as unpredictable incidents that will potentially lead to kids getting bruises, wounds, stings, and/or injuries. A first aid kit is one of the critical pieces of things that you must have while camping with kids.

7. Portable potty

A portable potty is highly recommended when you’re taking toddlers camping. Older kids may not necessarily need a portable potty. However, this basic essential works like magic when younger kids start to tell you that they want to do their business.

8. Toiletries

You’re going to need bath, shower and body essentials when going camping with kids. You can also add anti-bug lotions and sunscreens. The lotions help avoid bug bites while sunscreen protects your kid for harsh rays of the sun.

9. Walkie-talkies

Communication is very important when going camping with kids. You must have a capability to instantly talk to them wherever they are on site. Walkie-talkies enable you to establish that method of communication capability. On top of that, walkie-talkies are handy when anyone in the group gets lost in the wild or the forest. Walkie-talkies are also fun with kids. You get to exchange jokes and silly stories with when you’re not close to each other.

10. Games

Bringing fun and game items take the whole camping experience to the next level. The fun and games make the whole camping trip very memorable to kids. While there may be plenty activities to do onsite, a game of UNO or Jenga can also be enjoyable during break times.

Final Thoughts

Camping with kids is absolutely fun; especially when you have fully prepared everything. From the itinerary to the activities, and more importantly, the necessities that you need to bring. All these 10 must have essentials are all that you need to have a complete, exciting, and memorable camping with kids.

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