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Family Tent Center: 6 Amazing Advantages to Large Group Travel you Need to Know

“If traveling is free, you will never see me again.” This saying conveys a message for young people to travel more and explore the world. You can discover new places, encounter new cultures, and also learn about yourself while traveling. You even can look at life in a different perspective and change it to the way you never imagine.Some people prefer to travel solo, but family tent center gathers 6 amazing advantages in this article of traveling with large group travel.


Some prefer to travel solo, but some will find it more fun to travel in a large group. Family Tent Center – a famous blog which reviews best camping tents on the US market – gathers 6 amazing advantages to traveling with a large group for this article. It doesn’t matter what it is, hope it can inspire the young hearts about traveling.

#1. Saving money

You will eventually save more when you are in a large group. Just take transportation expense as an example. A taxi fare for a solo might cost $4, but if it’s sharing for 4, one just pays $1 only. Similar to grabbing the tours, the more people join, the less cost it will be per head; or sometimes for food, if you buy in bulk, you will end up pay less. Pay attention to the group discounts for hotels, resorts, activities, etc.; you will probably get a very good deal.

#2. Being safe

Traveling to a new place without knowing anyone can be adventurous for an individual. Unexpected accidents can occur in the next corner. It’s always better to have a companion, especially in a large group. You guys can protect each other and feel more confident to wander around. Plus, it can reduce the chance of getting lost, save more time to explore the places.

#3. The more, the merrier

Everyone hates waiting, including me. Waiting is not pleasant, but sometimes you can do nothing about this. When traveling, you have to wait for the flights, for the tours or any unexpected situations come up. Believe me; you will appreciate being in a large group at this time. At least you have more people talk to and don’t feel lonely.

More people also bring you more ideas and traveling plans. You can explore the new places in different aspects. You can expect more jokes, more laughter and more beautiful memories along the way.

Family Tent Center

#4. Being comfortable

Traveling includes a lot of work from planning to trip, booking the transportation, reserving accommodation to selecting the tours. It will be overloaded for one person to deal with everything. Now you can see the benefit of traveling in a large group. You become a team now. Every contribution will count. Imagine you build a tent, even though a 10 person tent or some large camping tents, it will be so much faster with 10 people work rather than you build alone with a solo tent.

#5. Discovering your friends

Everyone will have different opinions. Stick together the whole trip, days and nights will give you a chance to learn more about your friends. People tend to show their real truth when being in a situation they don’t expect. When traveling, it happens a lot. Being late for the shows or fighting for the restaurants can be one of the topics.

#6. Sharing the moments

There are a lot of amazing views, delicious food and funny stories that you can share with your group. It is nothing better than to have someone to experience the same things at the same moments. After the trip, these stories will become beautiful memories reminded over and over again.

Family Tent Center

Beside 5 amazing benefits of traveling in a large group, you might want to have a look at its dark sides as well:

You will have less time for yourself: Being in a group means having people around you all the time, especially you are in shared room. You can’t have your thought and time to reflect yourself.

Sometimes you have to do what you don’t like to please the others: Everyone has different opinions, and this is the trip for the group. Therefore, you can’t ask them to follow your leads all the time. It should take a turn to make everyone happy.

You may find getting along with your companions is important, and you try to do it: It is essential that the team members at least “like” each other. There will be awkward moments that you have to suffer each other when traveling with favorite people. When you are fond of each other, you tend to accept easily what they do. It doesn’t help in the other way around.

An argument can happen: This is a part when you don’t get along with people, and you don’t want to do things you don’t like to please them. BANG!! You argue. It’s a headache if one of you don’t compromise and gets more serious to see each other again after the trip.

You probably just socialize with the same people within the group: Traveling means to encounter a new culture in a new place. It is an additional bonus spending your time talking with local people and understanding about their real life. You also can build a strong friendship with other travelers meet along the way. However, the same people in your group will keep you busy all the time. It is difficult to have this experience.


Traveling is a way to relax and travel partners are very important. Being in a large group although brings you a lot of benefits, it is better to consider if it suits you and your personality. The truth is it doesn’t matter where you go, the people you are with is more important. They can raise your moods or let you down, or even ruin the trip. Choose wisely as this is your experience, as well as it will cost you money for the trip. You do not want to spend money getting back frustration and anger, do you?


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