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USA’s Top Luxury City Breaks Revealed

When travellers consider various luxury holiday destination possibilities, the first locations that come to mind are often European or Middle Eastern: the French Riviera, Switzerland or Abu Dhabi, perhaps. The USA, however, is an oft-overlooked luxury destination and Trailfinders can get you there tout de suite to start enjoying your rarefied activities.

On closer inspection, you’ll find that there are plenty of luxury city breaks to be had in America: the country is simply too huge and culturally diverse to make generalisations about. This article has been written to educate you about the luxury USA holidays that you can embark on this year.

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New York City

New York City will always be the capital of Modernism, the city that gave birth to the 20th century. Though famous for its grit, NYC has always been equally known for lush luxury, too.

For some real old-school glamour and luxury in high gear, why not make reservations at the internationally feted Plaza on 5th Avenue or the majestic Waldorf Astoria on Park Avenue. If you stay at the Gramercy Park Hotel, you’ll have access to the exclusive Gramercy Park itself, which will save you having to dodge joggers in Central Park.

The next stop on your luxury tour of New York should be the best urban day spa in the world, Bliss SoHo, where you can expect horizontal showers, steam baths and saunas.

After you’re done re-energising, reward yourself by hitting the best of of New York’s cocktail bars (and believe us, they are legion). Start with the new rooftop bars at the Pod 39 Hotel and the Refinery Hotel in the Garment District.

Naples, Florida

Named for the Italian city, Naples, Fl, is famed for its laid-back luxury and world-class golf courses. If you want to beat the crowds that throng Miami, this is definitely the place you should be. It’s extravagant without being gaudy and there is a plethora of high-end hotels and restaurants that mostly serve sumptuous and delicious quality seafood, locally sourced.

Despite being only 15 square miles in size, Naples still has two Ritz Carlton hotels situated there, if you’ve any doubts about its status as a luxury destination.

Maui, Hawaii

The second largest of the Hawaiian Islands, Maui is no slouch in the luxury department, boasting as it does around fourteen luxury hotels. Apart from its obvious attractions – the beaches, weather, landscape, sunsets and various water activities – Maui is a beautiful place to go and relax in both style and luxury.

After you’ve zip-lined across the island to see some breathtaking vistas, why not go for a leisurely game of golf at The Challenge at Manele Bay. This exclusive golf course has hands-down the best backdrop ever: the Pacific Ocean. If golf isn’t really your thing though, perhaps consider renting out the Jayhawk Yacht – the Rolls Royce of ocean vehicles, for a little spin in the blue.

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