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The top 5 Beaches of Majorca

The Balearic island of Majorca plays host to some of the most amazing beaches as well as historical sights and nightlife. Having your holidays in Majorca provides you with a great opportunity to soak in the sun rays and have some fun under the sun. Nonetheless since your time on the sunny Majorcan soil will probably be limited, here are 5 of the best and most famous beaches you can visit and enjoy the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea!

Beaches of Majorca

Cala Mayor
The blue flag Cala Mayor situated close to the city of Palma is amongst the best the island has to offer. Host to golden sand and countless facilities this is a great place to visit if you want to make proper use of your time under the sun. The beach is easily accessible by bus or taxi and the numerous sun loungers and beach bars dotting the area make up for 24/7 entertainment. However, if you happen to book your holidays in Majorca in order to relax on a secluded beach you should look elsewhere as this beach is well-known and busy throughout the year.

Alcudia Beach
An almost endless stretch of fine white sand, this beach is a marvel to behold! If you are here for water sports, you will be well catered for as the facilities around the area range from boat trips to diving and anything in between! Being a resort beach, the Alcudia beach has all the necessary amenities on offer and its friendly shallow waters are perfect for swimming with small children. As with the aforementioned Cala Mayor, its fame makes up for most of the people visiting so expect it to be busy especially during the summer months.

Calla Agulla
Calla Agulla is a beautiful beach whose golden sand is ideal to relax on and work on your tan. Crowned by unspoiled pine forests and awarded with a blue flag, this beach is really close to what you might have dream of before your holidays in Majorca. Beach volleyball is all the rage so if you like it then you’re in for a full day of playing under the warm Mediterranean sun! If you happen to visit with children, you can rest assured about their safety as lifeguard coverage is well organized and the waters are mostly friendly and relatively shallow.

Cala Barca
Developed for tourists by the Iberostar Club Cala Barca, this is a wonderful small beach favoured by snorkelers and divers for its calm waters and rich underwater landscape. This is also a great place to visit with family as its waters are calm and friendly to anyone who might jump in for a swim. The beach club offers food and drinks so rest assured that your needs will be covered if you decide to visit.

Camp de Mar Beach
This magnificent beach, adorned with white sand and green waters is a feast to the eyes and not only. Located on the South West of Majorca, the Camp de mar is great for families and anyone in between as it is very well organized and also provides for the disabled. If you feel like exploring, you can discover the small rocky coves around the beach by swimming or renting a pedalo and when you get hungry? Well this is when it gets more fun! The unmissable restaurant on the small island ‘La Illeta’ is a great place to dine surrounded by the water and easily accessed on foot by the small wooden bridge starting from the beach. This beach also happens to be the start for boat tours to the nearby small island of ‘Sa Dragonera’ thereby providing you with quite a few options during your holidays in Spain.

One thought on “The top 5 Beaches of Majorca”

  1. Hi, we loved your article and wanted to ask some questions you might have input on. Any comments are greatly appreciated. Cheers!

    Fellow travelers of Mallorca,
    I would like to ask some questions for my upcoming early September 6-day trip to Mallorca. We are thinking to stay in Palma for 2 days and to spend 4 days near a beach. Just FYI we have a 6-month old baby who will be on his first international travel : )
    Basically I am trying to resolve my desire to avoid the “mass market” (I’d like to stay in a quaint charming village) and “sleepy town” (I’d like there to be something going on in the evenings) in the Southeast of Mallorca. My question is generally whether Santanyi is a quaint village with enough nightlife to make it a perfect place to stay, or is it really more sleepy, suggesting that because we will be in the Southeast we should sacrifice our hunt for the idyllic and “unspoilt” and just stay in one of the resort towns of Cala d’Or, or somewhere in the area.
    After seeing some pictures of Santanyi, I got the impression that it was a vibrant, charming little village and we decided to base in Santanyi for excursions to Cala Llombards, Cala Ratjan and the Cala d’Or area beaches. After walking the town via google, I got the impression of Santanyi was that it closes at 4 or 5 o’clock, a bit on the sleepy side with very little activity after 5p… I plan to be at a bar/restaurant from 5 or so daily, and am curious whether the village has real Mallorcan food, and also if it is as quaint and charming a village as you’ll find in the Southeast.
    Also, it is important to us to have local Mallorcan cooking and culture.
    Any general and specific thoughts you might have are greatly appreciated.

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