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Leave Central America for a Different Kind of Adventure – Discover the Spirit of Crete

One of the great things about holidaying in a new country is the discovery of local delicacies and tipples. That is why exploring Central and South America is such a cool thing. But there are tons of other destinations you can visit after you have finished with this side of the world. How about Crete for a diferent kind of adventure? If you’ve taken a cheap holiday to the Greek Islands before, no doubt you’ve come across local wines and spirits and endured a hefty hangover to boot.

Photo By: Ole Husby

The hard-hitters
Most certainly you will have enjoyed many a glass of Retsina or Domestica which constitutes local wine and definitely Ouzo. You’ve possibly even found a glass of Metaxa in your hand when ordering spirits on an all inclusive holiday too. That’s because all inclusive holidays provide unlimited supplies of the local stuff and branded wines and spirits incur a surcharge. But sometimes these ‘happy accidents’ help you to develop a real taste for the local stuff. You may even find yourself stocking up in the airport on your return home. Stranger things have happened.

When in Crete
On holiday in Crete you will more than likely come across the fiery raki known as Tsíkoudia in these ’ere parts. Made from grape skins leftover from the wine making process, this clear and innocent looking drink packs a punch and will definitely warm your cockles. It’s customary to offer this local tipple to guests, so don’t be surprised if it is thrust upon you in bars, tavernas, hotels and even in shops. Shopping never looked so good. In fact it’s a great way to persuade reluctant shoppers that an afternoon traipsing around the shops is the best way to spend your time.

The art of drinking
If you’re not familiar with this drink it’s probably advisable to take it slowly on your first encounter. Sip rather than drain your glass in one, well not until you have got the measure of the beast. It’s also okay to only have the one, although Cretans will encourage you to have more. We’ll leave that to your better judgement but fear it will fall on deaf ears. Well you are on crete holidays after all and this is the perfect way to blend in with the locals. You may even find you are a natural when it comes to Greek dancing too. We can’t wait to see the photos.

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