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The Best Things To Do In Sydney According To Locals

The Internet is full of guides on what to do in Australia, specifically in Sydney, based on your budget, your time, your needs and even your fellow travelers. If you are planning your next trip to this country, we are sure you have already read all of them, at the point that you now may feel like a true expert. Nine Things To Do In Sydney. All of these have been recommended by locals. This is a guide of the top Australia travel guide.

But how locals think you should spend your time in Sydney? This city includes some beautiful hidden gems, and you must be ready to leave your comfort zone (and your Sydney accommodation) to find them.

If you are ready to leave for Australia, you have packed your bags and checked on the latest hotel packages, there is only one last thing to do to enjoy your trip: find out more about the best places in Sydney according to locals.

things to do in sidney

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Just Relax On The Sand

Australian beaches are beautiful, but they may also be busy and not all the travelers wish to bear with the rough waves. If all you need is to sunbathe and take a nap, then you can follow the locals to Shelley Beach. This is a little hidden gem, and only a few tourists know about it. If you wish to explore this area more, you can enter the beach on the left-hand side until you find Fairy Bower, where you may be lucky enough to encounter the local sea life.

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Find A Green Spot

Most people believe that Sydney’s landscape is all about its beautiful beaches, but the truth is that this city offers many green areas. One of these is the Royal Botanic Gardens, which are not only one of the most favorite tourist spots, but it is also busy with locals who love to enjoy a picnic, read their book or ride their bike.

Go Shopping

Sydney’s markets aren’t just for shopping. They are one of the locals’ favorite meeting spots and are thus the perfect place to feel like one of them. Here you can find food, gadgets, souvenirs, gourmet cheese, donuts, and even some cheap (and weird) chow prescriptions.

things to do in sidney

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Enjoy Some Good Music

If you want to experience Sydney’s nightlife or if you love music, then head to the music venue at 280 Cleveland St. Here you can meet some locals, listen to some good funk classics and order a cheese board to share with your new friends. You should also spend a few nights at the theatre space at 342 Elizabeth St, where you will learn more about Australian reggae and contemporary jazz.

Jacaranda Trees

Jacaranda is a sub-tropical tree native to South America that has been widely planted because of the beauty of its indigo flowers. People in Australia love this tree so much that they have built a canopy-like Jaramana forest. You can admire these flowers in full bloom in early November, but you must head to McDougall Street in the Sydney suburb of Kirribilli. Not many tourists know about this place, meaning that it is always very quiet. It is definitely one of the little hidden paradises in Sydney.

McCallum Pool

The Bondi Pool may be the most famous swimming spot in Sydney, but there are many other stunning places in the city that definitely deserve a visit. One of these is the historical McCallum Pool, built in the 1920s around Cremorne Point.

It was created by Frederick Lane, the first swimmer to represent Australia in the Olympics. There are usually no tourists swimming here. Most importantly, the pool is always opened to the public and it doesn’t cost anything to access it.

Enjoy The Vivid Festival

May is the best month to visit Australia if you want to experience the world-famous Vivid Festival. It lasts 23 days, and it features stunning lights and projections, many of which are interactive. For example, you may be able to change the color of the Harbour Bridge according to the beat of your heart. Most importantly, you can enjoy some delicious local beer and meet many locals.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks

New Year’s Eve fireworks in Sydney are probably one of the most famous celebrations around the world. Over the last few years, several visitors have been booking their trip in this period just to enjoy the show, but you can still find a quiet spot around the harbor to watch it.

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