Best Pick: A Thorough Review of Road Runner Carry-on by Level8

Packing for a trip is one of the most exciting parts of traveling, that moment when you are deciding what to take and start to picture the destination is priceless, that’s why getting the right luggage is a must.

It was time for a massive upgrade for me, and it was so worth it!

I chose the Road Runner Carry-on by Level8.

It’s not a secret that luggage gets worn out and even destroyed really fast, and this is a non-talked issue among regular travelers, that’s why as a travel junkie I set a personal goal of finding travel luggage that meets some features:

  • It must have a laptop pocket that’s good enough to keep it safe
  • A safety setup
  • A hard case that’s not too heavy
  • Compact but spacious
  • Fit as a carry-on

After a lot of research and searching on forums, guides, and watching YouTube videos for luggage that not only meets my requisites, and gives me the pleasure of packing up, but will get on the airplane as a carry-on, I found the Road Runner Carry-on by Level8.

road runner carry on level8

Road Runner Carry-on by Level8

I love it! Just having it makes me want to speed up my trips and start packing up. After trying dozens or hundreds of luggage over the years, I can confidently say this one is great. I would safely recommend it to anyone.

Great luggage will be sturdy enough to survive the hassle of traveling, airports and car tossers, careless passengers, and escalators. Not only that, it must stand out enough to spot it among other suitcases.

The Road Runner Level8 complies with it. A good-looking suitcase that’s safe, sturdy, and has an easy-to-access laptop sleeve, without leaving aside security.

The Compartments

At first glance from the website, I thought it would be bigger, and it may look smaller, but once I had all my stuff organized and packed, I noticed everything that I needed fit nicely.

The front compartment has two sleeves, one for laptops and one for tablets. The compartment feels sturdy, and the fabric is soft but consistent, making it safe for my devices. Also, the compartment is included in the lock, keeping it even safer.

The Locks

The lock is basic and looks like an all-time combination lock, but it’s a bit more complex and safer than that. It’s TSA-approved, which is something you don’t find usually on luggage.

It’s a dual lock, on the top you secure your main compartment, and on the bottom side, you secure the front compartment.

The lock holds are strong, it just feels better than other luggage I have tested before.

road runner carry on by level8

The Case

The case is a hard shell made of polycarbonate that’s aerospace-grade, it feels sturdy and well-made. Also, it’s water-resistant! Despite being so strong and sturdy, the suitcase is extremely lightweight.

The bottom has a set of four 360° spinner wheels, which are surprisingly quiet and easy to move, with no resistance at all.


It’s hard to find a con here, but I know for a fact that some people may be thrown off by the size, it fits everything that you’ll probably need for a trip, and it’s a carry-on, you can find check-in luggage that is bigger and as good as this one.

I also know that some people will be worried about airlines not letting you take it as a carry-on (which should not be the case), You can take it easy, the hard shell will make it suitable for that and come out safe too.

Technical Information

  • Dimensions including wheels: 14.4”L*10.1”W*21.5”H
  • Weight: 9.5lbs
  • Capacity: 38L
  • Front Compartment: The laptop levee is 10.6″ x 15″ and can fit a 15.6″ laptop; the tablet compartment is 6.7″ x 10.6″ and can fit a 10.9″ tablet, like an iPad.

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Last Updated on September 12, 2023

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