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Places to Visit in the Caribbean for Families

This is a series of islands located off of the coast of Central America, as a part of an archipelago. These islands were what Christopher Columbus found while looking for the Indies. They are known all over the world as the perfect destination for beach vacations, because of the beautiful beaches and marine diversity.

It is formed by 5 Countries: Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico and the Cayman Islands.

Here is fun info about these countries:

1. Cuba – This country has a very interesting history, they are slowly opening up their doors to travelers from different countries. It is the largest island on the Caribbean and is filled with old buildings, classic cars, warm people, great food and is surrounded by amazing beaches.

2. Jamaica – The country is located over 3 large islands. During your Jamaica Holidays you will feel at home, because they all speak English. It is known around the world for its rum, reggae music and its athletes.

3. Dominican Republic – It is a country located on the Hispaniola Island, right next to Haiti. The place is particularly popular among adventurers because of its rainforests, alpine ranges and mangrove.

4. Haiti – Dominican Republic’s neighbor is an extremely poor country, still struggling after a recent earthquake destroyed it. It is a place where cruises make a stop to allow travelers to explore it for a day.

5. Puerto Rico – Some of the activities that you will be able to enjoy in it, aside from the beaches, are: surfing, golfing, fishing, diving, wind, surfing and parasailing.

So which of these look like the perfect summer destination for you?

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