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Must Do’s with Kids when Visiting the UK – Family Vacation

The UK is an amazing option for a family vacation. There are tons of kid friendly activities and hotels. You can find stuff for weeks of fun for kids and adults as well as various weekend breaks available throughout the UK. You just need to know where to look.

Photo By: Crystian Cruz

Here are 3 Amazing Places for Families in the UK:

1. V&A Museum of Childhood – This museum is home to one of the best collections of toys in the world. In here you can see anything from the most modern toys to dolls dating back to 1,300 BC. The museum has regular exhibits where kids are not allowed to touch them, mainly where they have the older, most unique toys. But there are other interactive exhibits where kids can have a good time.

2. London Zoo – This zoo is home to over 760 animal species from all over the world. In here you get the chance to see animals from endangered species. And by paying the entrance fee you are contributing with their conservation project. Regular events include animal shows, animal feeding by visitors, among others.

3. Sealife London Aquarium – The aquarium has exhibits with hundreds of varieties of fish and other kinds of sea life, including: sharks, piranhas, stingrays, sea turtles and even six foot crocodiles. There is also a really cool tunnel, made with the skeleton of a whale.

If you would like to learn about other activities for kids in the UK, there are cheap getaways on offer at places like Butlins. They can help you arrange an amazing family adventure in the UK.


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