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What To Do On a Long Flight – The Shortlist for Long Haul Flights

One of the best things about working a job involving frequent traveling, is the traveling. Unfortunately, one of the worst things about that sort of job, is also the traveling. But whether you’re snug in an economy seat, or sprawling luxuriously in a business class seat, having to stay in the seat for that long can and will invariably get a little tedious.Six tips that will help you survive your next long flight with dignity.Take a look at this article about long haul flights.

Long Haul Flights

Naturally, getting a nap in is always a good idea. If you’re anything like me though, you want to spend the time better than a fitful sleep that’s constantly interrupted by announcements, mealtimes, instructions, and often, fellow passengers (hey, flying’s fun, but no one flies alone). And when you’re a frequent flier, you can’t in good conscience spend eight hours at periodic intervals doing absolutely nothing. Especially since a couple of hours of sleep is usually enough to freshen you up, and then you’re wide awake and alert. Here’s some things I do on long flights, to make good use of the opportunity.


Just because you’re cooped up in a place doesn’t mean that you vegetate for that period of time. Not only is it refreshing, but it’s positively bad for your health to not do so. Stretching helps you get the blood flowing in your legs again, since the lower limbs get cramped in a sitting or folded position. You can do small, simple exercises while being seated. Roll your ankles clockwise and anticlockwise. Stretch your toes and your ankles, and if possible, your hamstrings. You may not be able to stretch sideways but you can stretch your arms and wrists in front of you and behind you. If possible, walk down the aisle once or twice. Of course, make sure you don’t disturb anyone while doing so.

Long Haul Flights


One of my favorite things to do on long flights is to watch videos. In flight entertainment tends to be very outdated and hopelessly repetitive. Not to mention there’s hardly any actual choice, they’re usually always Sitcoms that everybody’s seen many times over. Sometimes you want something more intellectually stimulating, or simply something you can pick out… Which I do.

You’re probably wondering if I take my whole hard drive set up with me, because you can’t stream things in flight. Not unless you pay for inflight Wi-If – but no. My solution’s easier. I use a video downloading service to download YouTube videos, sometimes well in advance, sometimes right in the Waiting Lounge. YouTube offers downloading too, but on select videos, and you to have to be logged in, connected and registered, yadda yadda- I use a software that lets me download videos, called Vdownloader. It’s a lot easier and a lot quicker, too.  I can be set up with a whole playlist on one topic, and sometimes learn a new subject in some depth in the span of one flight.


The duration of time you spend in relative confinement, is really as useful as you make it. Sometimes, I’m raring to learn, fill my head with new things. Sometimes, I want to do the exact opposite. I take a book (or two books, depending on what genre I’m reading). I plug my earphones in, and listen to the most calming or relaxing music I’m in the mood for. Or sometimes I just listen to the audio of a downloaded video. In either case, I do get something accomplished.

Waste Time!

I find that doing nothing is also a good way to spend time. Your version of ‘doing nothing’ could mean playing a whole world in Plants Vs. Zombies or setting a new record on Candy Crush, or meditating with repetitive chants inside your head, or just staring at the cloud shaped wonderland you’re flying through. Empty your mind, and see how amazing that feels, too.

.. Or Not- Be Productive Again!

We all have ‘those’ emails in our inbox/inboxes that don’t get around to answering. Now you have the time and the chance to write the answers to them, even if you’re not mailing back right away. This also applies to small level organization, making notes in your laptop, cleaning out laggy apps from your phone that you don’t use anymore, arranging all the photos on  your desktop where they’re supposed to be. These are all small little chores that need time, time that we may not have in the middle of running to appointments, and the laundry, and what not. This is precisely the kind of empty time you need to get the minutiae done.

Have Fun!

I feel like this is a rather major feature of being on a long flight, that gets overlooked easily. Flying is always a wonderful experience. Despite having pulled many long-haul flights through, it never gets old. Customs may not be fun, naturally, and the lines for boarding can be long, too. But at the end of the day, you’re going to be in the sky, in a giant metal bird with roaring engines- and that’s always a little bit magical, if you let your imagination fly, too.

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