Why Use a VPN – 5 Reasons You Should Do It While Traveling

Nowadays, you are likely to be always connected. Even during vacation, you will likely log in to check emails and catch up on work remotely. After all, our lives are pretty much run through the Internet. Regardless of what you are doing while online, you want to be certain that you are accessing the Internet securely. Unfortunately, using public WiFi and Hotspots is not the most secure method. However, if it is your only means of connecting to the Internet, you will want to add a layer of protection. This is a guide that tells you all about Why Use a VPN while traveling and how to find the best VPN service for your needs.

Rather than accessing your accounts, browsing, trying to unblock Netflix abroad, or responding to emails through an open connection, you will want to invest in a betternet VPN which will allow you to connect to a public WiFi without the same security issues that would be presented without one. With any public WiFi network or Hotspot, you are going to be leaving your traffic vulnerable to snooping. In fact, it has become easier than ever to tap into public WiFi’s which only makes it even more important to protect yourself. This is why use a VPN while traveling.

Why Use a VPN
This is a guide that tells you all about Why Use a VPN while traveling and how to find the best VPN service for your needs.

Why Use A VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a service that can supply you with private and secure access to the Internet. Regardless of how you are connected, you will be able to utilize a service like this in order to properly secure your traffic. The way it works is by effectively encrypting all of the data that you are transmitting and re-routing it through a different server. It effectively masks your IP address in order to make it look like you don’t even exist on the public WiFi. Because of this, you will be able to browse the web and do anything that you want without the same security vulnerabilities if you didn’t use one. This means that you will be able to input user names, passwords, and even your credit card numbers without the threat of the information being seen by someone snooping on the network. All you would need to do is log in to your VPN once you have connected to a public WiFI Hotspot and it will re-route your data through an encrypted channel and through another server.

  1. Security.

The main reason you are going to want to use a VPN while you are traveling would have to do with the fact that it is going to allow you to access the Internet in a much more secure way. Because you will be able to encrypt your traffic, it is going to make it so you aren’t transmitting your data on an unsecured and open network where anyone that steal your data with “man in the middle” attacks. Any network that provides the free Internet with either a weak password or a completely unsecured network with no password is a network that you are going to want to use a VPN with. While you still want to use one on a public WiFi with a strong password, you especially want to make sure that you are using it with a network that is completely vulnerable.

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  1. Access Geo-Blocked Content.

Another major reason you will want to consider using a VPN while you are traveling is to be able to effectively access content that has been blocked from you based on your Geo-positioning. If you are someone that is traveling to a country that regularly restricts access to certain websites or that censors’ content, you might want to browse the Internet with fewer restrictions. If this is the case, a VPN can do wonders. A VPN works by masking your IP address to make it look like you are coming from a completely different address. This alone can allow you to use a VPN in one country and make it look like you are accessing the Internet from a country halfway across the world.

  1. Watch Local TV At Home.

Another great reason you should be investing in a VPN to use while you are traveling abroad would have to be the ability to watch your local TV content while you are traveling. If you are subscribed to Netflix for example, installing a free mac VPN or something similar will allow you to set your IP address in your home country which will allow you to gain access to the content that you are supposed to be paying for. Otherwise, you would have to watch in whatever location you are traveling in which can force you to either lose content that you want to see. Not every country or region is going to have access to the same content due to regional providers and licensing issues. Along with being able to take advantage of watching content that you get local, you will be able to switch your IP address to other countries that might get content that you are interested in but don’t regularly have access to. This can expand the amount of content that you can watch without having to pay extra.

  1. Reduce False Bank Freezes and Credit Card Freezes.

Another major reason you should be looking to invest in a VPN for traveling would have to be the fact that it is going to allow you to access your bank account and your credit card accounts from your home country which can minimize the chances that the bank or credit card flags your computer and IP address as unauthorized access. Having a fraud warning pop up can really become a hassle while you are traveling because it can result in the freezing of your bank account and even your credit cards. This alone can make it difficult to get the funds that you need when you need them and to be able to use your credit card when you need to use it.

Why Use a VPN - 5 Reasons You Should Do It While Traveling
Another major reason you should be looking to invest in a VPN for traveling would have to be the fact that it is going to allow you to access your bank account and your credit card accounts from your home country.
  1. Get Better Deals On Things.

Another good thing that you should be able to get from getting yourself a VPN and using it is the ability to take advantage of regional arbitrage. You might find all kinds of things cheaper to buy in one country than another. Whether it be purchasing flights in a specific country or even booking various activities. This alone can save you a lot of money if you are buying a lot of things while traveling and you are looking to book flights, train tickets, and more.

Finding The Right VPN Provider:

  1. You Get What You Pay For.

When it comes to a VPN, you are going to get what you pay for. If you are looking to save money on the service and use a free one instead, just know what you are getting yourself into. If you are not paying for a service, you are typically the product. Therefore, any ‘free VPN’ is likely mining your data or using your data in ways that you wouldn’t normally approve. You should be wary of any VPN provider willing and able to provide their VPN at no cost. After all, servers cost money and they have to be making it up somewhere.

  1. Choose One That Is Reputable.

Another thing that you should be doing when you are looking to pick out the right VPN provider would be to try to find one that is reputable. You want to find a company that has a solid reputation. Luckily, our travel buddies from Holland have compiled in-depth VPN reviews at their beste VPN webpage.

  1. Proper Encryption.

Another major factor that should come into play when you are looking to identify the right VPN provider to choose would have to be whether or not they offer the right amount of encryption. The VPN service is only going to be as good as the level of encryption that it offers. You want encryption that is industry standard and that is very difficult to crack. For the best protection when you are accessing sensitive data while traveling, you should be looking for a VPN provider that offers a minimum of 128bit Encryption. This should be sufficient enough to trust that your data is being transmitted safely and securely.

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  1. Free Trial.

Any reputable VPN provider that is confident in its service is going to be both willing and able to offer you a completely no-strings-attached trial. You want to identify the VPN providers that are able to offer such a trial because it only shows how confident they are in providing an exceptional experience for those that are thinking about signing up for the VPN service. Not every VPN is going to provide the kind of experience that you are looking for whether it be due to the total amount of traffic they have on their servers or the proximity of their servers.

How To Use It?

There are all kinds of VPNs on the market. You really want to purchase one that is from a reputable company based in the USA and one that has been in the business for a long time. Look for on that makes it as easy as possible to use a VPN. All you have to do is download the desktop client or mobile client and click on the server you want to connect to. You will want to try to utilize servers that are in the country or region that you want to access the Internet from and you should be looking to choose the closest servers as it is going to provide you with the fastest speeds due to the close proximity.

Do you have any other reasons about Why Use a VPN?

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Last Updated on June 7, 2024

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