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Egypt has always been considered to be the root of civilization. The Nile has been the true life blood of Egypt. If you really want to experience the Egyptian country and roam through the important aspects of the nation, you need to choose the right option for the purpose. One such travel agency that can work wonderfully is the Egypt Tours Portal

The Best Packages 

The Egypt Tours Portal is one of the top 3 travel agencies in Egypt. It excels with its wide variety of packages when it comes to travelling through the Egyptian region. No matter which region of the world you are from, you will find the packages offered by the Egypt Tours Portal quite efficient enough. 

You have access to multiple packages that would highlight multiple facets of Egypt. There are historical vacations, cruises through the Nile and Pyramids, and cultural sightseeing options. 

The Cultural Tours

Experience the cultural extravaganza that Egypt has to offer. Stroll through the ancient history of Egypt. A few salient aspects of the tour would include Giza Pyramid Complex, The Great Pyramid of Khufu, and The Great Sphinx, to name a few. The Great Pyramid of Khufu is the highest of them at 147 metres. It has remained the tallest man made structure for over 3800 years. 

The ten day tour covers over 15 temples and places of historical importance. The Egyptian Museum and Valley of Kings are the other two excellent options if you really want to walk through the history that Egypt works through. 

The Nile Cruises 

Now that you have decided to travel to Egypt, you cannot stay away from Nile excursions. Egypt Tours Portal offers you an11 day excursion that covers the pyramids and Nile Cruises. The service covers a history of more than 7,000 years of greatness and uniqueness. River cruises have always been wonderful, but a Nile cruise would be something you would never be able to forget. The once in a lifetime experience can indeed be life changing. 

The packages are designed with the professional travel consultants making your Nile cruises epic and wonderful in more ways than one. The Egyptologists provide you access to a complete information into the world of what Egypt stands for. 

There is more to do in Egypt than just enjoying the Nile Cruises and moving through the world of ancient history. If you really want to experience Egypt as the Egyptians do, the Egypt Tours Portal is the right choice you would make. The company does offer a wide variety of tours into Egypt, no matter whether you are looking for a tours and excursion with family, friends, groups and even solo. 

Why should you go with the Egypt Tours Portal? 

Well, we have our own reasons. Moreover, we believe the service provider offers you access to an excellent service in terms of a perfect Egypt Tours. It provides you access to an option to travel to the diverse destinations and beautiful places in and around Egypt. The portal lets you enjoy and witness the ancient Egypt history in a never before scenario. 

Guide by Egypt Tours Portal

A tour would not be complete without the right choice of tour guides. In fact, if you really need to understand Egypt in its basic form, you need to consult the Egyptologists as the tour consultants. The Egypt Tours Portal takes extreme care in making it possible. This is more so in the case of visiting places like the Egypt museum where the most of the statues and monuments do not have a label, and the tour guides will be of much help understanding the region and history in a really perfect manner. 

Experienced in the Egyptian tours and travels for more than 20 years, the company has been known for the tailor-made tours and packages. Founded in 2002, the operator has been known to make your Egypt travel more comfortable, memorable and fruitful in every manner. Their accommodation arrangements, travel packs and drivers offered by the operator would make them an ultimate option for all your tour requirements in Egypt. In essence, your trip to Egypt would never be complete without the Egypt Tours Portal. 

Get in touch with them and make your Egypt excursion a memorable one.

Last Updated on June 16, 2023

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