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Experience the Thrill of a South American Cruise

For a cruise destination with a difference, the South Americas hold a wealth of thrills that no other continent in the world can match. From the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aries to the natural beauty of the Chilean fjords and glaciers, a cruise around South America offers everything you could wish for.

If you are considering a South American cruise, they don’t have to cost a fortune. With plenty of competitive cruise deals from major providers, you can often bag a bargain to enjoy some of the most memorable sights and experiences that the world can offer. Here are a few of the best routes and destinations to consider when planning your South American cruise.

1. Round the Horn – Rounding the world’s famous ‘Cape Horn’ is a trip that will take you to the southernmost tip of the world’s southernmost continent. Usually sailing between the vibrant city of Buenos Aries and Valparaiso, where you can catch an onward boat to the stunning island of Santiago, these cruises usually take around 12 days and will take you to within just 1,000 miles of Antarctica. The stunning fjords are certainly a highlight, as are the scenic ports en route.

2. Brazil – Taking part in an all-Brazilian cruise along the Brazilian Riviera will give you an insight into the colourful culture of this exotic location. Travelling the length of the Atlantic coast, these shorter, concentrated cruises offer stop-offs at some of the country’s most exciting locations, from the stunning beaches at Fortaleza, through to the historic colonial churches of Salvador de Bahia.

3. The Amazon – With a round trip that departs and returns to Manaus, the Amazon River is easier to discover than you think. Mainstream cruises often visit parts of the Amazon as part of a longer trip, or for a true taste of the jungle, you can opt for a cruise that will deliver you onto an expedition vessel, for a trip of a lifetime into the heart of this wild wilderness.

4. The Panama Canal – Adding on a Panama Canal jaunt can be a fantastic way of seeing a range of destinations in one visit. Often going from Florida, you can opt to stop off along the way at various Caribbean destinations to experience a taste of island life, docking finally in a colourful South American city, such as Rio or Buenos Aries.

5. Antarctica – It would be rude to talk about South American cruise destinations without mentioning the wonders that lie to the South of Cape Horn. Many cruises will add in a taste of Antarctica to their itinerary for another level of thrills and experience. Be careful of what you are booking though, as large cruise ships are not equipped to dock in the Antarctic, so the trip will be a sightseeing one rather than a hands-on experience.

To be assured you experience the full wonder of the southern tip of the globe, check that your cruise company is planning to decant you onto an expedition ship or a small ice breaker, allowing you to get right in there and experience the wonder of the polar lands.

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