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Book Some of the Summer’s Hottest Cruises in 2013 to Get Away from Central America

Taking a cruise is no longer the preserve of the ultra-rich. Cruises are now egalitarian affairs, a great number of which are family friendly. It is also a great way to have fun and experience different things from the ones you experience in Central America.

If you’re looking to get a head start on things and want to book your summer 2013 cruise, here are some of the hottest locations this year:


If you’re new to cruises and you’re embarking on an adventure of this sort for the first time, the Mediterranean is a great starting point. Visiting Spain, Greece and Italy may not seem as exotic as some of the other possibilities on offer, but their proximity to England means travelling a shorter distance and there’s plenty to see and do; these Mediterranean destinations have much to offer in their own right.

Travelling with a company renowned for providing high-quality service, such as Co-operative family cruises, you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that your every whim will be catered to. From spacious living quarters, to fine dining and family-friendly entertainment, a cruise is an inherently relaxing experience.

The real fun, however, begins once you step onto dry land. Whether you’re exploring Barcelona’s famous La Rambla, enjoying the lively and artistic culture of the Gaudi quarter, standing in awe outside the Acropolis in Athens, or exploring the ruins of Pompeii close to Naples, a cruise is a chance to immerse yourself in European culture.


The romance of Venice continues to draw crowds and should be high on your list of cruise holiday destinations.

Venice has something for everyone: its medieval churches, domes, bell towers, palaces and piazzas provide the perfect setting for a romantic meal and evening stroll with your partner.

If you have kids, however, there’s no need to panic. A cruise to Venice in 2013 could be your opportunity to recapture the passion in your relationship, enjoying all that the city has to offer. All the while, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your kids are under the watchful eye of your ship’s counsellors, having a great time and making new friends as part of a dedicated youth programme.


Choosing to take a cruise in the Adriatic not only gives you the opportunity to see Venice, it also offers holidaymakers a chance to see some other truly fantastic sites.

The Croatian city of Sibenik is one of the prettiest seaside towns in the Adriatic. With a UNESCO protected church at its very heart, the 150 islands off its coast provide myriad stunning vistas, including the awe-inspiring waterfalls of Krka National Park.

Croatia’s delights continue to abound in the city of Dubrovnik. The cobbled streets and its 17th-century cathedral provide an air of romance and intrigue that will leave you spellbound, while the surrounding Elaphite Islands’ pine forests, beaches and olive groves provide a picturesque setting for the more adventurous explorer.

Your Adriatic cruise culminates in the relaxing area of Corfu. Dozing under the hot summer sun on the golden sands of Glyfada beach, is the perfect way to let your worries fade away as the sun sets on your trip of a lifetime.

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