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5 of the Best Vacation Destinations For Family Travel

A family vacation no longer involves loading the children in a vehicle and driving them to a nearby beach. Nowadays families are constantly searching for ways to expand their imaginations and share their love for travel with their children. Taking a family vacation is an ideal way of bringing the family members together. Spending quality time with your family brings a level of happiness and peace that words can’t describe. Five places to travel to for the perfect family-friendly vacation.This is a short list of my top destinations for family travel.

Destinations For Family Travel

Here are 5 ideal family vacation destinations.

1. Paris

If you are planning to take your children on an international trip, the City of Lights should be top on your list. There are plenty of things to do like taking a peaceful boat trip on the Seine, ascending to the highest point of the Eiffel Tower, and strolling around the Louvre. There are also many family-friendly stopovers, such as stopping by the Ile de la Cite Sunday pet market or visiting the Jardin du Luxembourg puppet shows. As far as meals are concerned, you can eat your French creation by participating in a family cooking class. You can also stop by the Marche Bastille, one of Paris’ largest markets and allow your loved ones to pick out some fruits, meats, and cheese for a family picnic.

2. San Diego

Beaches complement family vacations, and one of the ideal places to dip your feet in the sand while your kids are engaging in plenty of interesting activities is in San Diego. The city provides 70 miles of perfect sand with warm temperatures throughout the year. La Jollar Shores is suitable for little kids as it has small, gentle waves. If you want the kids to see sea lions and seals, consider visiting Shell Beach. A vacation in San Diego is never complete without visiting one of the world’s leading zoos. The San Diego Zoo is home to koalas, giant pandas, and 4,000 other animals belonging to 800 species.

3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh has many fascinating activities for families, including Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Zoo. During the summer, you will enjoy a 10-day Grand Prix with antique vehicles and walking tours for sightseeing and getting some workout. You will also locate lunch spots that charge less than $10, and the subway line provides free rides across the Golden Triangle. If you want to engage in some outdoor activities with your family, biking along the beautiful Great Allegheny Passage would be a memorable experience.

4. Visit Malta

Have a fun-filled day at Malta, where children can sample the local dishes such as ġbejna, bigilla, timpana, snail, and oven-baked rice. In the summer, this beautiful island is ideal for sailing and wide array of beach activities. For affordable vacation deals and expert advice on Malta, ChoiceHolidays is your go-to tour operator.

5. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

A trip to the Cayman Islands National Museum will brighten up the day for your family. The colonial-era structure displays the natural and cultural history of the islands in 3-D exhibitions, videos, and murals. You can also visit the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and watch the wonderful blue iguanas. At this park, you will get a 90-minute guided tour where your family will be fascinated by the many species of lizards as well as the park’s native flora.

Family vacations are a critical part of your life. You should make them a family priority and invest time and money towards their success. It may call for some sacrifice now, but it will generate massive dividends, rewards, and a valuable legacy for your kids.

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