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MUST HAVE – Zus Smart Car Charger and Finder

What exactly is a smart car charger and finder?

Maybe instead of asking I should throw these words out at you:

  • High Speed Charger
  • Double Time
  • Car Locator
  • Elegant

Being an entrepreneur myself I am always in awe with the creativity of others. I am truly amazed at the things human minds can create from something that seems so obvious to us and then manage to put them into a product that is so useful, small and becomes something you don’t know how you lived without.

ZUS smart car charger is exactly this.

Features and Brilliance of the ZUS Smart Car Charger

Slick – the black device looks more like an elegant lighter than anything else. It also has a light that comes on when you place it in the car so you can see if it’s working and don’t have to guess.

High Speed Charger – first of all it has a place for two phones or tablets (Apple or Android) to plug into it. And it chargers at double the speed I normally get at my house.

Car Locator – this is why you can’t live without it anymore. I can not even tell you the amount of times I have parked my car either in a larger parking lot or on a block that looks like all other blocks and have had to call either security or the police department to drive me around to find my car.

I know, ridiculous. You’d think I learned from the first time. But no, I seem to pull this off almost bi-monthly. Not one of my best traits.

With this little gadget, all I do is check my app and bam, it brings me right to my car. I LOVE IT!

More info about Nonda

– The company was founded in 2014 in Palo Alto, CA.
– In 2015, nonda won “The fastest growing startup” and “The best 10 smart hardwares” from SVACE and SVIEF, respectively.
– In early 2016, two of nonda’s products, ZUS smart car finder & USB car charger and Hub+ won iF design Awards.

And it deserves every award!

Zus Smart Car Charger

You must have this, seriously.

And on top of that, it’s only $29.99. The price doesn’t do it justice!

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