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How Zing Events Helps Acro Yoga Become a Travel Star

Two things have seriously evolved during the last decade or two: Our emotional investment in travel and our physical investment in our bodies. Looking around, we see lots of beautiful people traveling all over the place, and that’s not a coincidence.The ways that Zing Events are helping acro yoga become an extremely popular thing among the traveler community.Learn all about acro yoga.

Yoga has long been established as the activity for body & mind; it’s a household name, sort to speak. Fewer fitness enthusiasts are familiar with Acro Yoga, but this is rapidly changing all over the world. This not-so-new practice of yoga and acrobatics is becoming a hot trend, especially for wellness vacations.

Acro Yoga

How Zing Events Improve Acro Yoga

What Is Acro Yoga

Acroyoga combines yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage therapeutics. Compared to yoga, it is more ‘active’ – less static poses, more movement, or ‘flows’ as acro-yogis call it.

The main difference, and what defines acroyoga, is that it is practiced in pairs. There is the ‘base’ and the ‘flyer’, meaning, a person either lying on the back or standing while the other one is performing various acrobatic movements with the help and support of the base.

It is beautiful to watch and this is part of the attraction of acroyoga – it’s almost a performing art. On top of that, it requires a wide variety of skills to support all these flows and movements: strength, balance, flexibility and most importantly – seamless communication and cooperation between the base and the flyer.

Acro Jams – Building a Community

The term “jam” is borrowed from jazz, where it represents an informal gathering of musicians, based on improvisation. An Acro Jam is similar in some ways. It is a gathering of acro-yogis for the purpose of practicing together without the formal guidance of a teacher. The jams usually take place outdoors and can reach hundreds of participants. 

Acro Jams are one of the main drivers behind the growth of the acro community. These gatherings are visually stimulating and they give the chance for practitioners to meet new people, practice with different partners, which strengthen interpersonal relationships; this is how a community is growing – by bringing in more people and simultaneously tightening the connections between its members.

Acro Teacher Training – Not Just for Teachers

We’ll get to traveling portion in a sec, and how it fits like a glove with the values and aspirations of the acro community, but before that a couple of more words about a strong indicator for the development and involvement of the acro practice and community.

We are talking about teacher training. As in any other fitness or wellness niche, the foundation of it lies with the teachers – they are the ones that carry the torch to the next generation. In the acro community, teacher training courses are immensely popular among practitioners. 

Many of the ones attending these intensive training don’t necessarily aspire to become a teacher, but acro yoga teacher training courses provide the most high-level and in-depth practice of acro yoga and are a cornerstone of the wholly global acro-yoga community, they are happening all over the world. And so we arrive to travel.

Zing Events Captures the Essence of the Acro Community

The acro community sees itself as a global one, and as such, there is a strong emphasis on traveling and attending events in all corners of the globe. Acroyoga festivals, retreats and teacher training are taking place literally everywhere all year round and the typical acro-yogi will attend a few events a year. 

The challenge, until now, was to find these events, which aren’t advertised in the traditional sense of the word. The acro community is a much more the word-of-mouth kind, but it has reached a stage of growth that word-of-mouth can’t support any more hundreds of events that are taking place every year.

Enter Zing Events, acro’s knight in shining armor, arriving at the right time to pick up the glove and put some order into a community that grew organically. Zing Events gathered the hundreds of acro events into a single, online resource that allows to search and find events based on location, date and type.

Instead of spending long hours in various social networks and search engines, acro-yogis and wellness travelers as a whole can now plan their body & mind trips (as laid out in this article) around the events they wish to attend with ease and simplicity. 

Zing has captured the essence of acro yoga, combining the community’s sense of together with its enthusiasm for travel and meeting new people from around the world.

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