Zephyr Lodge, Guatemala: Best Option Near Semuc Champey


Zephyr Lodge, Guatemala: Best Option Near Semuc Champey

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Zephyr Lodge Guatemala is probably one of the most popular, by far one of the most beautiful hostels/lodges that I have visited, and we visit a lot, especially in this area. It’s located near the biggest Guatemalan attractions like Semuc Champey and Lanquin Caves. Today we’re going to be talking about Zephyr Lodge in Guatemala.

Where is Zephyr Lodge Located?

Zephyr Lodge Guatemala is located in Lanquin Town, it’s situated about an hour and a half from Coban which is the main city of the Alta Verapaz region, so make sure you go and listen to my podcasts about Coban and how to get to Coban so when you do arrive to Lanquin you are all set.

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Zephyr Lodge, Guatemala

When I first arrived here 21 years ago, there were maybe one or two camping areas. And one other newly formed cabin place. So today there are quite a lot of options, and I have now stayed in quite a few different places here because this is now my third time visiting. But Zephyr Lodge Guatemala, I have to admit, is probably one of the coolest places I’ve stayed in.

Getting There

It is located up on a hill. When they’re not fixing the road, you still need a four-by-four to get to it. They do offer service that they could pick you up and there are places that they bring you right here.

Actual shuttles as well, depending on where you are coming from. So you could work that out easily with them. And if you are coming in a car four by four they do have a parking lot as well. Honestly one of the top places to say I cannot recommend it enough.

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When you arrive, they greet you with a beer. So that’s kind of a good example of what this place is. It is more of a party place. But with the private cabins, you have time to yourself as well. The lodge is absolutely beautiful with the most stunning views. The service is really great. I personally recommend at least spending two nights here, and it’s just been a destination in itself like we didn’t even want to leave.

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Facilities and Amenities at Zephyr Lodge Guatemala

First of all, it’s like a hostel. They have plenty of dorm rooms. There’s this beautiful pool, an infinity pool with a bar. They have gorgeous private cabins. They have cabins that are mid-range and then a little bit upper style and I really recommend that you could splurge a little bit more. Do it!

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We’re not talking that much money, we’re talking like $60 – $70 per night. They are so worth it. King beds with balconies overlooking this amazing river, mountains, and greenery. The bathroom is fantastic.

Random Fact: They have some of the best towels I’ve ever had in my life. I know that’s a little random fact, but it’s true.

Lounge Area

They have this beautiful lounge area where you eat, and the food here is fantastic. They have all kinds of vegans, vegetarians, and everything you pretty much want. And it works on a system that you tell them, and they do it as a tab, and then you pay before you leave.

lounge area zephyr lodge

Tours Near Zephyr Lodge Guatemala

And they offer tons of different tours right here from the lounge to the Lodge so make sure that you find out how that works. Whichever one you want to do. The main two that people go to are Semuc Champey. I have an entire podcast talking about Semuc Champey so make sure you listen to it because it is a must-do thing while you are here.

And also the Lanquin Caves, another must-do thing here, and interestingly enough, a lot of places, a lot of things that you could do that are around town could be picked up in a tuk-tuk even though it is not a four-by-four. Somehow, Tuktuks managed to get up to the lodge, so that is a cool little benefit for like $1.50 each way.

Lanquin has a lot of different places that you could stay. But at this point, I really have to say this is without a doubt the top place with incredible views, private cabins, amazing food, and just a fun overall experience.

Side Note

Side Note: Like I said before, it is known for its parties. However, when you’re staying a little bit further from the actual lounge, you don’t hear it as much, but they do have music playing loudly and it’s not super rowdy or weird or crazy. It’s just loud music.

They have a DJ coming in once in a while, but honestly, we barely heard it when we stayed in one of the deluxe private rooms and we barely heard it. So just a little note that people do know that they do have parties going on here and you should find out they also sometimes have pool parties. So just find out what their schedule is as well.

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Last Updated on June 18, 2023

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