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Your Vacation is Not Just About Your Destination but Also How You Choose to Get There

When it comes to planning your vacation, it is likely that you are merely looking forward to and planning your time once you get to your vacation destination. Of course, dealing with transport links, changing currencies (if you are going abroad), choosing hotels, and booking any excursions you may fancy will also take up your time.

However, the vacation is going to come and go very quickly, so it makes sense to make it last as long as possible while you can.

#1 Pack your luggage carefully 

Of course, if you are planning a night or two stay on your way to the airport or ferry port, you will have to pack your luggage carefully so that you have quick access to the items you are likely to require. Making sure that you have a big enough bag or one with compartments so that your overnight items are separate from your other travel accessories. If you are not in possession of a bag like this, then opting for lightweight and generous-sized Samsonite cabin luggage could be perfect for all your traveling needs.

#2 Make your travel day count as part of your vacation

Making your travel day count as part of your trip will help you get into that vacation mood faster. Plus, it could mean that by the time to get to your vacation destination, you are already relaxed and able to enjoy the vacation experience from the start of it rather than, as typical for most, halfway through. If you have an early morning flight or are sailing to your destination, plan to travel the day before and stay somewhere close to the airport or port. This can make the journey to the airport or port a lot shorter and, therefore, a lot less stressful for all concerned.

#3 Decide on your travel routes

It is a good idea to plan your travel routes before you leave home. This will provide you with the best possible chances of seeing the sights and attractions you set your heart on. To make your day last longer, plan a stop in the morning as well as one in the afternoon, preferably in locations where you can enjoy a picnic and have comfort breaks.

#4 Ensure you have plenty of food and drink

With this in mind, you should ensure that you have plenty of food and drink. Hunger or thirst on a journey can lead to bad tempers, especially on a hot day, and the last thing you want when venturing on vacation is to fall out before you even get to your destination. If you think you will be on the road at teatime, then you will probably also want to plan somewhere where you can stop for a bite to eat. Depending on who is in the vacation party and whether or not it is a romantic affair will most certainly define whether your food stop will be a McDonalds drive through or a table booked at a more salubrious eatery.

#5 Don’t forget about the return journey

Of course, your vacation does not have to end when you get off the plane onto home soil, or for that matter, when you leave the boat. Planning that one extra night away or partaking in a spot of sightseeing on the way home can be the perfect way to reduce the vacation blues. It can also provide you with a slow introduction back into normal life before you have to go back to work with nothing but your tan to show for your time away.

Make Travel Part Of Your Next Vacation

Vacations are always over way too quickly, not only for children but also for adults, and often more so for the latter. Spending time away from work and the reality of the stresses and strains of everyday life is a must, so it stands to reason that you would want your vacation to last as long as physically possible.

With careful planning, you can add a sneaky day or two at the beginning and end of your vacation, especially if this time is over a weekend. Providing your body and mind with the additional wind-down days to get yourself in the right bright vacation mood is far from selfish. In fact, you deserve it. Treat it more as a reward to yourself and your family rather than feeling guilty or self-gratifying, and enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

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