Your Travel Equipment Should Complement Your Look Too: Learn How to Match

Traveling is one of the most exciting experiences one can do, Whether you’re traveling for business or vacation, thinking about your next trip is likely getting you all enthusiastic for adventure!Have you ever considered that your actual carrier and travel equipment should also be significant?However here’s what missing in this list.

When you think about what you’d like to take with you, sometimes making a list to plan for your trip can be laborious. But if you had to mull over in your head what you’ll need, a few of the following will stand out immediately: identification (passport or national I.D.), money, important electronic devices, and their chargers, for example, your phone, tablet, smartwatch, and headphones. Then we have the clothing side of your packing list, shoes, business wear (if you’re traveling for work), and essential toiletries. However, there might be one thing missing from this list…

Have you ever considered that your actual carrier and travel accessories should also be significant? Beyond the necessity of needing a suitcase to hold your travel items, the versatility and style of your luggage definitely make a difference too!

Travel Equipment

Your Style Is Important 

If you are traveling for business, it is non-negotiable that you should look professional, smart, and sharp. You want to create the impression that you are focused and that you can enjoy yourself – while still working hard. On the other hand, those who are traveling for leisure purposes want to look sleek, stylish, and like they’re ready to have fun. Not only does your style say a lot about you, but you also never know who you’re going to meet along the way.

Working on your style is an impactful way to always look prepared and presentable when arriving at a travel destination is your luggage. But this is even more true if your luggage matches your outfit – creating a cohesive look that is bound to impress those you’re meeting. At online stores, like, you can get an idea of what types of luggage you can choose for yourself. Searching through a wider variety may help you pinpoint what look you’re going for, especially if you are new to match your attire to your travel luggage.

Your first consideration would be to select whether you prefer a hard case or a soft one. As with any aspects of style, this will depend on your preference. Soft-shell cases are still more common, but it is interesting to note the latest consumer trends showing that hard-sided suitcases are becoming more popular!

If you are undecided, here are a few tips to help you decide:

  • Hard-shell suitcases are more durable in wetter conditions, snow, and protective against general spills.
  • It is reported that hard cases have a tendency to crack, but the industry has dramatically improved this quality with new material technology.
  • Softer cases may be more prone to absorbing smells and stains.
  • Soft-shell cases are easier to move into awkward and compact spaces, for example, in the overhead bin. And it is much more flexible for squeezing some extra shopping into!  
  • There are usually more pockets and features in soft cases.

After you select which material would suit your travel purposes best – or what you prefer – now you should select your color. Though there are usually fewer options available with soft-sided luggage, it is best to explore your options first.

You have some options when choosing a color, but it is important that it matches or complements another color that you wear often. Having your luggage color match a base color in your outfit can really highlight for others, most likely subconsciously, that your outfit is cohesive. If you would like to make more of a statement or are feeling like your toned-down work outfits could use some spark, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a splash of color, like an orange, pink, or maybe teal.

Travel Equipment

Adding a pop of color to your travel style will show that you enjoy spontaneity and creativity and that you are not afraid to show what you like. This can be empowering for you too, and it may just give you the confidence boost if you’re feeling nervous to feel that you are in charge of what you want!

There are so many options to choose from, but don’t get overwhelmed. Take the size, price, and needs in the long-term into consideration. Think about it carefully and you could even look through your cupboard to see what would complement your style best. It may not seem like a significant purchase, but this essential item can transform the way you think about yourself. Look good, feel good, and you are likely to have an amazing trip!

Last Updated on May 15, 2023

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