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Your Complete Guide to Visit Machu Picchu

A jackpot of history, rich culture, and picturesque landscape, Peru is all set to be on your travel bucket list for all the exciting reasons. Packed with the diverse landscape of the Amazon rainforest & Amazon river in the East, Andes mountain bordering North to South-east, and stunning coastal stretches in the West; Peru is a perfect destination to experience different climates.Do you want to see Machu Picchu at a closer angle.Here’s 5 must visit destinations in Peru to know the real feel of this South American city.


Visit Machu Picchu

From Norte Chico civilization to Inca Empire to Spanish Empire, Peru absorbed different traditions, cultures, and other characteristic traits of ancient civilizations in different timestamps of history. The glimpses of Inca and other civilizations can be seen in the historical settings of Machu Picchu, the Inca Trail, the city of Cusco, and many other touristy spots dusted around Peru.

Here is a collection of the top 5 must-visit destinations in Peru to experience the real feel of this South American city.

Paracas National Reserve

Count your steps to the Ica region of Peru that is loaded with more than 100 archaeological sites with reserve of Paracas culture. Both the desert and marine reserves are protected in this area with unlimited wonders of biodiversity and a rich ecosystem.

Take a boat trip to Ballestas Islands to come across the seals, sea lions, Humboldt penguins, turtles, seagulls, and an endless variety of birds. The glittering beaches including La Mina, Mendieta, Red beach, & Playa Roja offer unique wonders to explore on their coastal lines including the artistic rocky structures carved out of the pressure of water and windy climate.

Travel to Huacachina to see the mesmerizing juncture of ocean waves with the desert sand. Sign up for dune buggies or try your skills at sandboarding; the oasis is no short of adventurous activities. Pisco vineyard loaded with numerous varieties of grapes hosts its guests with a memorable drinking tour of fresh grape juice. A detailed guide is here to explore the place at its best.


Our next hotshot of Peru is none other than Trujillo with its electrifying beaches and impressive cultural attractions. The remains of Moche and Chimu civilizations can be best explored in the archaeological sites of ‘Chan Chan’ and ‘Temples of Sun and Moon.’

Trujillo is known as the capital of Marinera which is Peru’s national dance form. Many festivals are celebrated in this city round the year including ‘The International Book Festival,’ ‘Trujillo Spring Festival’, and ‘Marinera Festival.’ Don’t miss out on meeting Paso Horse-a breed of horse with an elegant gait as Trujillo holds the honour to be the birthplace of this horse breed.

Huanchaco located a few km from Trujillo is all set to offer you a refreshing jolt of surfing against the winds. The laid-back vibe, ancient reed boats, and the mouth-watering Peruvian cuisine at Ceviche make you fall in love with Huanchaco.

Machu Picchu

This ancient citadel dating back to the 15th century perfectly displays the intricate architectural designs and engineering wonders of Inca civilization. A four days hiking journey on the Inca trail let you experience Machu Picchu at a closer angle. The panoramic views from the Sun Gate (at top of the trail) are magnanimous.

Hit upon the ‘Temples of Sun’ that is believed to have been used for astronomical observations in ancient times. Another interesting astronomical device is ‘Intihuatana’ (hitching post of the sun) that was believed by its makers to be a magnetic device to keep the sun in place. Principal Temple, Temple of the moon, the Great Cavern, and Inca drawbridge are some of the most exciting hotspots of the town. Check out the complete guide to visit Machu Picchu.

Colca Canyon

Peru hosts the second largest canyon in the world (70 km deep) with an endless series of secret wonders hidden within it. Be it Andean condor, La Calera hot springs, Caves of Mollepunko, or a gateway to Amazon forest, the canyon does not fail to impress its visitors.

Several communities found living places among these gorges and they manifest an excellent picture of Peru’s cultural diversity. An interesting trivia of the place is the spiritual value attached to the Majes River. The Majes River running through it is believed to be ending in the Milky way therefore, there have been recorded several incidents of putting gifts in the waters to let them flow to God.


Last but not least is the town of Cusco on our list of top 5 places. Although Machu Picchu is located in Cusco yet Cusco has a lot more to offer to its worthy visitors. Ancient ruins sculpted into the cities, coffee shops and restaurants studded beautifully in the ancient settings, and an excellent display of ambience by people; one feels overwhelmed and enchanted while roaming in the city.

Hit upon Plaza de Armas, Sacsaynuaman, San Pedro Market, and Paddy’s Irish Pub to celebrate Cusco in its true colours. Sacred Valley is known for its fertile lands and rich Spanish Colonial culture. Spend a day at Sacred Valley exploring its handicraft market, and the architectural wonders of Incan citadel.

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