Yaaman Adventure Park: A Hidden Gem in Jamaica

From interesting tours packed with adventure to fulfilling activities like swimming with dolphins, learn all the activities you can do at Yaaman Adventure Park, one of the best ways to experience Jamaica.

Jamaica is one of the best options for many different types of travelers, packed with stunning beaches and resorts making the island the ultimate beach getaway, but fortunately, due to its diverse landscapes, Jamaica doesn’t only offer beaches. From lush green forests and rivers to lakes and more!

By far one of the best ways to experience the island is by booking a Jamaica Tour All Inclusive, that way you’ll be able to check out the top landmarks it has to offer and do activities you won’t forget by the hand of experts. Another great option to experience the island differently is Jamaica Cruise excursions.

Green Mountains under a blue sky in Yaaman Adventure Park, Jamaica
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That’s why Yaaman Adventure Park is the most complete option, here’s a sneak peek:

Activities in Yaaman Adventure Park

The activities offered in Yaaman Adventure Park are wide and varied, which is a good draw and a nice addition to any bucket list. But the best way to go is with a package

ATV Tours

If you are an adventure seeker, then the Yaaman Full Hundred Tour is for you. It’s a mud buggy and ATV tour where you will be able to embark on a 45-minute off-road ride through the Jamaican forest and explore more than 900 acres of trails, climbs, and stunning scenery.

Jitney Ride

Next join a Jitney Ride to explore, it’s a more tranquil trip aimed to admire the local vegetation like sugar canes, pepper, coffees, bananas and many more tropical crops. You’ll be able to check out how farmers climbs coconut trees. Not only that, but you’ll be able to experience the breathtaking panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea.

Secret Blue Hole

One of the biggest attractions of this tour is a visit to Jamaica Secret Hole, a pond with turquoise crystal clear water where you’ll be able to take swim and jump from liana, and drink fresh coconut water.

Other activities included on the tour:

  • Stroll around the gardens and visit Bird Aviary to learn about local birdlife.
  • You’ll also be able to take a Cooking Tour, prepare and learn about the local cuisine.

Swim with dolphins

There’s no trip completed without taking a swim with dolphins, it’s one of the most magical adventures you’ll ever experience. A good draw about this activity is the fact you can add it to other activities, a good addition is the jitney ride.

Next, you’ll be able to experience the activity by the hand of Dolphin Cove and the professionals and take a look at the amazing work they are doing. The property in Ocho Rios is stunning, a natural cove that’s surrounded by a tropical forest.

On the cove, you’ll get to interact with dolphins in their natural environment, watch them play, and swim. A good opportunity to learn more about these wonderful animals. Also, you can interact with stingrays and meet sharks.

Last Updated on August 13, 2023

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