Xocomil Guatemala: A Visit to Central America’s Best Water Park

Xocomil Water Park is the largest and most popular water park in Guatemala, located in the southwestern part of the country near the city of Retalhuleu. It is part of the IRTRA (Recreational and Tourist Institute of Guatemala) complex, which also includes the neighboring Xetulul theme park

In this post, I’m going to review all you need to know when deciding if it’s worth visiting Xocomil Guatemala by covering the best attractions at Xocomil, where to stay as well and how much it costs.

Guatemala has surprised me a lot in the more than a decade I have lived here. It is so much more than I thought it would be, which brings me to my story about Xocomil. But first, let’s start with a little background about Xocomil.

xocomil guatemala biggest water park in central america
I highly recommend visiting Xocomil, Guatemala. I bet you never thought Guatemala had such a place. It’s simply amazing!

An Overview of Xocomil, the Biggest Water Park in Central America

Xocomil and Xetulul are also part of a much bigger compound with a second theme park, tons of restaurants, a luxury spa, and at least eight hotels that are owned by IRTRA. IRTRA is an organization created by big corporations in the country for the recreation of all workers. They own a compound of theme parks and water parks distributed all over the country, but Xocomil as well as Xetulul are by far the best. 

Xocomil water park is located in the heart of the Guatemalan jungle and there is even an active volcano overlooking the park. Xocomil is designed around the concept of a Mayan pyramid and has 14 different water slides, four pools, and two wave pools, one for adults, and one designed for children.

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Xocomil (pronounced sho-co-meel), means “the wind that carries happiness” in the Mayan language, K’iche’, and the park is known for its lush tropical surroundings and its emphasis on family-friendly entertainment.

One of the main highlights of Xocomil is its “La Tormenta” (The Storm) slide, which is one of the largest and most thrilling water slides in Central America. It features a steep drop and twists and turns that provide an exhilarating experience for thrill-seekers. But there are a variety of slides including a Multi-Lane Mat-Racer, Boomerango, SuperBowl, dual Wave Pools, and two AquaLoops.

Overall, Xocomil Water Park is a popular destination for both locals and tourists looking to enjoy a day of fun and relaxation in a unique and fun water park.

Family Trip to Xocomil Water Park in Guatemala

xocomil water slide guatemala
There are so many huge slides and things to do in the Xocomil Water Park in Guatemala.

My family and I were visiting a theme park in Guatemala that we love. It is called Xetulul and can be found in the Retalhuleu Department of Guatemala. The place is fantastic, and we love visiting it, because of its great rides for all ages.

Next to it is its sister, Xocomil Water Park. Since I’m not crazy about pools we had never visited it for a long time, but this time we gave it a shot. 

Needless to say, my family and I were blown away by Xocomil and the number of water-based attractions the park has.

What to Expect from Xocomil

The place is amazing! That’s all there is to say. It has tons of pools for kids with waterslides and places where they can have some fun without adults having to run after them all the time. There are also huge water slides for adults that looked pretty scary but the truth is that they turned out to be a lot of fun.

Some other interesting and fun rides are great for the whole family such as a rafting waterslide, a pool with artificial waves, and artificial rivers where you can hop on a canoe and paddle for a while or just relax while you float.

pools xocomil
Xocomil Water Park is the largest and most popular water park in Guatemala.

One of the more relaxing ‘rides’ would have to be Rio Tumala which runs over 1,770 feet (540 meters) and you pass by replicas of Mayan masks with spring water jets to massage you as you float by. 

But for more adventurous attractions there is the Xocomil Rapids which is the largest slide in Central America and has five lanes and you launch off from 69 feet (21 meters) above the ground!  

There is also an interactive children’s pool as well and when you get hungry there are several restaurants at the neighboring Xetulul Theme Park.

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Where to Stay in Xocomil: Palajunoj

Since we wanted to see both parks, we decided to spend a night in the area and found out that there are four hotels belonging to the parks and there are little trains connecting the hotels to the parks that you can ride on.

As usual, we decided to see all four of them before I decided to stay in one. Finally, we decided to stay in the Hotel Palajunoj, which is the newest one and for me, the best.

Let me tell you what the hotel is like; it is inspired by rainforests all over the world. That’s why it has 5 buildings each with a different theme, they are: Polynesian, Indonesian, Thai, African, and Mayan. 

waterfall pool xocomil guatemala
Xocomil Water Park has tons of pools for kids with waterslides and places where they can have some fun without adults having to run after them all the time.

It also has beautiful gardens with turkeys running around freely. But my favorite part of this hotel was the restaurant. It serves delicious Polynesian food in a beautiful and relaxed ambiance.




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More information about Xocomil Guatemala

For information about entrance fees, a full map of the park, operation hours, and information about the hotels that you can stay in while visiting Xocomil Guatemala take a look at the website of IRTRA. 

They can even help you arrange transportation via a private bus or helicopter from Guatemala City. IRTRA Guatemala is an amazing place to visit

I would recommend purchasing tickets in advance to guarantee your admission (it can get crowded) as well as to avoid lines.

Entry tickets for children are based on height. And the tickets were Q100 per adult (anyone over 4 ft is considered adult), and Q50 for kids. 

Xocomil water park is only open on Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun from 9 am to 4 pm.

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xocomil water park guatemala

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