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Xocomil Guatemala: A Visit to Central America’s Best Water Park

Xocomil is a big water park, the biggest of Guatemala. It is part of IRTRA, and organization created by big corporations in the country for the recreation of all workers. They own a compound of theme parks and water parks distributed all over the country but this one along with its neighbor, Xetulul theme park, is by far the best. Today I’m going to talk about Xocomil Guatemala.

Xetulul and Xocomil are also part of a much bigger compound with a second theme park, tons of restaurants, a luxury spa, and at least eight hotels.

Guatemala has surprised me a lot. It is so much more than I thought it would be, which brings me to my story.

Family Trip to Xocomil Water Park in Guatemala

My family and I were visiting a theme park in Guatemala that we love. It is called Xetulul and can be found in the Retalhuleu Department of Guatemala. The place is fantastic, and we love visiting it, because of its great rides for all ages. Next to it is its sister, Xocomil Water Park. Since I’m not crazy about pools we had never visited it but this time we gave it a shot.

xocomil Water Park in Guatemala

The place is amazing! That’s all there is to say. It has tons of pools for kids with waterslides and places where they can have some fun without adults having to run after them all the time. There are also huge waterslides for adults that looked pretty scary but the truth is that the turned out to be a lot of fun.

There are also some other interesting and fun rides for the whole family such as a rafting waterslide, a pool with artificial waves and artificial rivers where you can hop on a canoe and paddle for a while or just relax while you float. Since we wanted to see both parks we decided to spend a night in the area and found out that there are 4 hotels that belong to the parks. As usual we decided to see all four of them before I decided to stay in one. Finally we decided to stay in the one called Palajunoj which is the newest one and for me, the best.

Xocomil Water Parks in Guatemala

Let me tell you what the hotel is like: It is inspired in rain forests all over the world that’s why it has 5 buildings each with a different theme, they are: Polynesian, Indonesian, Thai, African, and Mayan. It also has beautiful gardens with turkeys running around freely. But my favorite part of this hotel was the restaurant it serves delicious Polynesian food in a beautiful and relaxed ambiance.

I highly recommend coming to Xocomil Guatemala. I bet you never thought Guatemala had such a place. it’s simply amazing!

More information about Xocomil Guatemala

For information about entrance fees, a full map of the park, operation hours, and information about the hotels that you can stay in while visiting Xocomil Guatemala take a look at the website of IRTRA. They can even help you arrange transportation via a private bus or helicopter from Guatemala City. IRTRA Guatemala is an amazing place to visit

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xocomil water park guatemala

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