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Central America’s Best Theme Park: Irtra Xetulul Guatemala

Xetulul is a beautiful award winning theme park known as the best in Central America. It is located in the Retalhuleu Department. It is surrounded by 4 beautiful hotels and a great water park. They are all part of a compound of parks and hotels distributed along the country known as IRTRA Guatemala.

Irtra Guatemala

Xetulul is a colorful place divided in plazas that represent some of the major cities in the world with restaurants that offer food from the cities they represent. There are also daily shows for the whole family.

Plazas and rides of Xetulul in Irtra Guatemala:

Guatemalan Town

– El Choconoy –Rollercoaster for small kids
– EL Jurak’an –Gyrating ride for kids
– Guatemalan Fair – Guatemalan
– Disco Night La Graciosa

attractions in guatemala

Plaza Chapina

-Two trains Coastal Trans
– Independence Hall Museum, located in the building of the Palacio Real.

Mayan Plaza (the perfect place for small kids)

-The Jumping Frog
-The little mushroom
-Loca Balsita
-Cave of the Jaguars
-Los Chorros

places to visit in guatemala

Plaza Spain

-The Galleon – Big swinging ride
-Flying Chairs
-Electronic Games – arcade

French Plaza

-The Grand Theatre – Daily magic shows
-Moulin Rouge – Outdoor arcade
-La Gare de France – Train station
-Carritos Locos – Bumper Cars


Germany/Switzerland Plaza

-La Avalancha – Adult’s rollercoaster
-Estrugensen – Big gyrating ride

Italian Plaza

-IL Ciclone – Big gyrating ride
-La Góndola Salpicona – Water ride
-Pico Cervino – Climbing wall


As you can see there are tons of things to do in the park but it can be done in one day. However if you visit the best park of IRTRA Guatemala with your family it is a good idea to stay for at least two days and to take it slow so they can really enjoy it.

.Xetulul Amusement Park – Irtra Guatemala


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