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3 Tips for Dealing with Problems While Traveling Abroad

You want to travel, and nothing can stop you. You decide to broaden your horizon and to discover new worlds with Euro Palace, you get your papers in order, you pack your bags, not forgetting about the most important items to take with you, you board the plane, cross the ocean, land, check-in, and start discovering a previously unknown realm with a different culture and a different language.How you can deal with travel problems while abroad, you don’t need to panic anymore.Here’s three of the top travel tips about travel problems

travel problems

Then something happens that turns your plans upside down – even on the most carefully planned trip, you can run into unexpected issues out of your control. What do you do?

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If you lose your passport

When you are abroad, your passport is the only valid identification you have. As such, you should be extra careful not to lose it – or have it stolen – during your travels. But it happens – there’s no way you can prepare for everything that might arise while you’re abroad. So, you’d better be prepared for such a case.

Before you leave, make sure to have an “emergency cheat sheet” ready for the case when such things happen. Check out the recommendations for such a case with the authorities – in the US, the Department of State is the place to go and see – and make sure to note the phone number of your home country’s local embassy or consulate. If your documents are lost or stolen, contact the nearest embassy or consulate first – they have procedures for such a case. In case of theft, make sure to file a police report, too.

Depending on how much time you can spend abroad, the embassy can emit an emergency passport (usually within 24 hours) or a replacement passport (this takes longer).

If you lose your debit / credit card

Credit and debit cards are perhaps the most convenient way to make money with you when traveling abroad. But it is also a bit risky – cards can be lost or stolen, leaving you without any funds, which is among the most frightening situations when you are away from home, let alone when you are with kids! But relax, it’s not the end of the world – if you are prepared for this scenario.

The first thing you should do in such a case is to call your bank and report the card missing. Make sure to note the bank’s normal phone number instead of the “800” one – these don’t work from abroad. The bank will likely suspend or cancel the lost card, and it may even send you a replacement. And make sure to be prepared for the worst – when traveling abroad, make sure you have multiple forms of payment at hand, like multiple cards, travelers’ checks, and cash, so you have an alternative to revert to.

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travel problems

In case of an injury

An injury is one of the things that can instantly ruin a wonderful vacation. But it might happen – and you have to prepare for this, too. For minor injuries, you can use the supplies in your emergency health kit – you have one, right? But when things get more serious, make sure you seek professional help.

The first place you may want to seek assistance is right at the reception of your hotel or any major hotel in the area – especially because the receptionist is likely to speak foreign languages. Major hotels and resorts usually have their own emergency medical station where the patrons in need can find at least some level of medical assistance.

If the injury is serious enough to require hospitalization, make sure to contact your embassy or consulate and ask them for information on how to proceed. They are likely to be able to assist you with lists of doctors, procedures, and maybe even ways to arrange an emergency trip home if things don’t go well.

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