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Worry-Free Vacations: Planning Tips & Useful Travel Resources

When you’re on vacation, the last thing you want is for stress and worry to distract you from the fun and relaxation of the trip. Unnecessary worries — be it anxiety about your pet’s care, the security of your home or the many, logistical moving-parts of your itinerary — are easy to prevent with smart planning and digital resources. Don’t let any stress get in the way of your much-deserved break. Here are some tips for how to plan ahead for a stress-free vacation.Travel resources that will make travel planning a lot easier and stress free.Look at this short list of recommendations for travel resources.

Worry-Free Vacations: Planning Tips & Useful Travel Resources

Travel Resources

Home Security

A common safety worry that may crop up while you’re away is the security of your home. While you may have someone pop by to water plants of check in on your pets, there are still times when your house is unattended and more susceptible to a break-in. A reliable security camera system will provide you peace of mind and the freedom to truly enjoy your vacation. When choosing a security camera system, a wire-free one is a good option because it is easier to install as it runs on batteries and doesn’t have cords to get in your way. Before you leave on your trip, be sure to check the batteries, test out the cameras to make sure they are working well and make adjustments to the property coverage, if necessary.

Budgeting and Spending

Whether you’re traveling domestically or abroad, spending and forms of payment are a necessary thing to plan for. Keep your spending in check with a budgeting app that tracks how, where and when you’re spending your money. A budgeting app like Mint will keep you cognizant of your available funds and streamline your budgeting plans. Also, make sure you download your bank’s and credit card company’s mobile apps. Often, checking accounts or credit cards will be suspended if there is suspicious spending at an unusual location, even if you’ve already given your financial institutions advanced notice of your travels. Using these financial apps will help you catch any issues and remedy them quickly, so they don’t put a damper on your down-time.

Travel Apps

When you’re traveling, there are many moving pieces and logistics to keep track of, including public transportation, accommodation information and your overall itinerary. In a new place, there is a quick learning curve for understanding transportation systems. Travel around on public systems like a local, with the help of transportation apps. Most cities have specific apps for their bus and train transportation schedules and information about fares and passes. Download the apps for the accommodation services you’re using, like Expedia, Kayak or Airbnb, so you have all your hotel or home stay information at your fingertips. These apps will help you quickly look up check in and check out times, accommodation addresses and important contact info for the host or hospitality agents. Lastly, keep all reservations and important information in one, organized spot that will keep your itinerary in order. TripIt Travel Planner will create a master itinerary for you with all the important information you’ll need for your vacation for rental cars, airline tickets and more. The app will keep you from frantically searching your emails and help you travel without any headaches or stress.

Utilize apps and devices that will make you feel safe and secure, allowing you to monitor what you’ve temporarily left behind and help you effortlessly navigate a fun adventure. With proper planning and useful resources, you can easily achieve the worry-free vacation of your dreams.

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