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Worried About Motorbike Theft? Get a Tracker

I’m sure that motorbike owners, at one point or another, have had cause to worry about their bikes being stolen.It is so happens that motorbike theft more frequently than cars, and are harder to safeguard, due to their general body setup.Here are details

Motorbike Theft

But with new anti-theft technologies coming out, owners can and should feel more comfortable about the security of their bikes. 

I’ve recently been seeing more and more motorbikes that at first glance seem to have little to no theft protection. No hefty and colossal chains or disc locks. But looks can be deceiving, as more and more US bike owners lean towards a more discrete and high-tech anti-theft solution: a tracker for motorbikes. 

These special GPS trackers are designed to be easily set up for any motorbike. With a small and convenient tracker that can be attached pretty much anywhere and a key fob that recognizes when an owner is either near or far away from the bike. 

This key fob technology lets the tracker recognize a potential theft threat. If movement is detected by the tracker, but no key fob is nearby, the owner receives an instant notification via their smartphone that informs of a possible robbery. 

The in-app GPS and tracker system provides for an all-around security experience that is both reliable and discrete. While such GPS trackers have been circling the market for some time now, most of them require additional wiring during setup, are pretty obvious on the eye, and do not offer smartphone notifications. 

This is a real game-changer in my eyes. Easy to install, track and maintain, and no more hustle or worries about a possible robbery. State-of-the-art trackers should be a necessity for everyone, especially for bike owners that own top-dollar rides. 

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