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Cruising – 3 of the World’s Most Unique Routes

Cruising the best way to travel. An unnecessary amount of food combined with shows and activities any time of the day – what’s not to love? That being said, sometimes a cruise to your typical sun soaked destination isn’t enough (I know, tough problem to have). So if you’ve been looking for some out of the ordinary destinations, here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Cruising – Top 3 Most Unique Routes

Visiting Alaska is all about the wildlife. You’ve got the chance to see Orca whales, grizzly bears, and all other kinds of wondrous animals in their natural habitat. And in terms of the flora, it’s one of the most scenic places in the world. If you’re an animal aficionado there are few better opportunities to see rare wildlife than in Alaska. For the best Alaskan experience, Celebrity Cruises tends to have the best mixture of amenities and activities for the cruise lines that go there.


There are no indigenous people, no politics, and no economy. It’s a land defined by exploration, and while arriving there on a luxury cruise ship doesn’t exactly hark back to the continent’s exploratory roots, it’s still a worthwhile trip.

It truly is like no other cruise you’ll experience. It is home to the largest collection of marine wildlife; hundreds of thousands of penguins, six species of seals, and nine types of whale all reside here. Plus, there is the scenery; icebergs in shades of white and blue, towering in the skies, with glaciers lining up in the horizon. It truly is a scene to behold.

While Cozumel and other Mexican cities get the bulk of cruise goers, Brazil has become a haven for people who are seeking a bit of culture on their cruise. Rio de Janeiro is a popular cruise port, and it’s not hard to see why. From the dramatic landmarks Christ the Redeemer, anyone?) to the effusive and effervescent locals, there’s something for everybody. You can’t help but be charmed by this lively city.

As an added bonus, the cost of goods is cheaper than most cities of a comparative size. So you can snag up clothes and souvenirs while having plenty of money left over for some of their national drink, Caipirinha. Be warned though, it sure packs a punch!

There are plenty of options for a unique cruising vacation. From the cold South Pole to the warm Brazilian sun, a cruise doesn’t have to your typical Mediterranean cruise. You can see penguins in their natural habitat or learn to samba where it was created. All you have to do is get out there and go.

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