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Worlds Largest McDonalds – Is This Really Necessary?

Worlds Largest McDonalds - Orlando Florida

Honestly, do we really need a ‘World’s Largest’ McDonalds? I highly doubt it. We stumbled upon this place accidentally while visiting Orlando, Florida. My son’s buddy lives in Orlando and they haven’t seen one another in a long time. So the mama thought a safe bet would be to meet in McDonalds. The kids will be occupied and we can chat a bit.

She was definitely right about the kids being occupied. And way off about us chatting about anything at all.

It was sooooo loud inside that my baby was so over stimulated after our visit he slept through the entire night without waking up once. Which is a huge feat since we are still waking up one to two times per night. I guess the place was good for something.

Here’s a little sneak peak into what you can do at the Worlds Largest McDonalds

Virtual Car Race Game for Two Players

world's largest mcdonalds virtual video games

Jungle Gym and Playground

playground - mcdonalds orlando florida

Video Games and Arcade Galore

video arcade inside world's largest mcdonalds in orlando florida

Rockstars Rocking Out

Rocking Out at World's Largest McDonald's - Orlando Florida

Oh, there is a place to buy food as well

Eating at  World's Largest McDonald's - Orlando Florida


5 thoughts on “Worlds Largest McDonalds – Is This Really Necessary?

  1. I don’t have kids, but I wouldn’t mind going… just for the food and the experience of being there. 🙂

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