Worldee – Share Your Travel with the World

Social media has taken our world by storm. But, most of our social media profiles are a mix and match of all our day to day activities. Have you ever given a thought to a social media network specifically designed for the travelers? There wasn’t any service that would achieve this goal so far. However, Worldee is what can help you communicate with the world – solely based on your travels.What Worldee and what a great option it is for sharing your travel photos with all of your friends and family back home,learn all about here.


Worldee – Share Your Travel with the World

What is Worldee?

Worldee loves calling itself a traveler’s diary. It is the new social media service that assists you in showcasing your travels and tips across the world. You can share everything you have gone through in terms of your traveling itinerary. Just check out and share the countries you have visited, the number of times you have been to each of these countries and how many pictures you have taken in those countries.

Of course, there are several ways you share your images whenever you visit newer regions. You may be sharing them via the popular social media services like Facebook and Instagram. But, those itineraries stay there in the memory for a couple of days or at the most, weeks. They go into oblivion once that is done.

Worldee offers you a systematic option for categorizing and systematically arranging your travel memories and photos. It gives the travelers one of the perfect platforms for sharing your travel plans and memoirs of the locations you have been to.

What features does it come with?

One of the best features that we liked the most with the Worldee is slideshow option that it offers you for your travel itineraries. Whenever you visit a new country or a new location, you create a trip and share it with the world. The trips are categorized by countries and are synced for a clear and better understanding.

The slideshow lets you create a slides view of your trips and share them with your friends right away. The slideshow comes with three essential parameters – image, time and location. This will make it well in sync with your exact travelogue. You will be able to find the trips as they actually happened.

How helpful can it be for your trips and achieve the best results? Here are a few areas that Worldee can be helpful for you.

Cloud Storage

Among a host of functions that Worldee offers you, one of the efficient options you would find interesting enough is the cloud storage option it provides you. Now that you have access to all your photos and videos on a flash drive, computer or smartphone. It may be quite easy to lose them. The cloud storage offered by Worldee will make uploading your images a secure and easy affair.

Easier presentation

Worldee makes it quite simple to showcase your trips across the globe to your friends in an easy to follow manner. Like we already stated, the slideshow option will provide a chronological order of all your trips. Just sit down with your friends and share the stories and anecdotes as they happen.

Simple functionality

You may have stored your pictures from your trips on your computer, smartphone or on the removable drive. Finding them exactly when you need them may not be an easy task. You may need to search for folders after folders to find the right pictures you are looking for. Worldee makes it quite easy and simple to find them. Just upload them onto your Worldee profile, and they will be arranged in a chronological order. You no longer need to search for them through multiple folders. The trips and the photos will be available in a well-defined timeline in the exact order that the images are taken.

The Parting Thoughts

Conceptualized by the founder TomášZapletal in 2017, it went live during the second part of 2018. While it can be excellent information to store the memories of your travels worldwide at one place, it can also work as one of the best options for inspiring travelers worldwide. In fact, it will also help you get a better inspiration for yourself if you are looking for the right kind of tourist spots to visit.

Just go through the timelines of renowned tourists on Worldee or just choose any of the random users and check out your favorite locations to get ideas. What else, you can even browse through the network based on the countries of your choice and plan your next trip.

What are you waiting for? Just create a profile on the network and share your world with the world around!

Last Updated on January 20, 2022

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