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5 Wonderful Southern Destinations You NEED to Visit

Brr… It’s cold outside! Do you want to take a vacation to somewhere warmer in the winter months? 5 wonderful southern destinations in the United States you need to visit.

Do you want to escape the cold by vacationing somewhere a little warmer this winter? Some people even choose to spend the entire winter in a second home down south.

Southern destinations offer sunshine and fun. Keep reading to learn where you might add a little sunshine to your life.

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Southern Destinations

5 Wonderful Southern Destinations

The snow won’t go away. But you can! Let’s look at some great winter escapes.

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

For warmer temps and rich culture, visit New Orleans, Louisiana. In the winter, you will experience oyster season at its peak!

New Orleans also offers some cool winter festival fun. Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, you can check out the daily Celebration in the Oaks. If you want something a little sweeter, attend the King Cake festival at the end of January, and warm your soul with all sorts of delicious desserts.

2. Houston, Texas

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the temperature readings! In the United States’ most populated city, you will find fun everywhere you turn.

Try indoor skydiving, visit the space museum, and check out the aquarium. But save time for everything else Houston offers!

This city offers so much fun that you may want to stay. Check out suburban homes for sale, just outside of Houston! You can find a quiet neighborhood and still enjoy city life with only a short drive.

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3. Miami, Florida

If you want to trade snow for sand, take a trip to Miami beach! You can enjoy temps in the 70s and 80s, with a tropical drink in hand.

Don’t forget about the amazing culture in this city! Eat authentic Cuban food, visit Wynwood for art and beer tasting, and cruise around to see the Art Deco architecture. At night, dine, drink, and Salsa at Ball and Chain.

4. Havana, Cuba

If you prefer the real deal, take a vacation to Havana, Cuba. Though many Americans feel confused about the legality of such a trip after the Trump administration’s changes, you can legally visit Cuba with a few extra measures.

In Old Havanna, you will enjoy local treats, music, and a unique street shopping experience. Don’t miss the experience of historical Havana either. Vintage car lovers will appreciate the mint condition 1950s and 1960s American Cars cruising around.

5. Belize, Central America

If you’re looking to really crank the heat, take a trip to Belize. If you head all the way down here, you do not want to pick just one city to visit.

Belize offers you all types of excitement, as it sits on both a jungle and a sea. Zipline through the jungle, explore the deeper portions of Belize in a cave, swim in the Caribbean Sea, and explore Mayan ruins.

Travel South to Escape the Winter Chill

Don’t stay stuck in the snow this winter. Visit one of these 5 wonderful southern destinations to escape the cold.

Whether you stay in the continental United States or explore a little further south, you will find rich culture, amazing food, and thrilling experiences. Click here for helpful travel tips!

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