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Best Travel Destinations For a Winter Wonderland Experience

Winter is one of the most favorite seasons of all for many people. The snowy and relaxed aura is something that many people look for. Besides The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when hearing the word “winter” is the holidays and that’s a good reason to love this season. But it can be a lot better! Yeah, winter vacation and Indus Travels got that really clear.

Traveling in the winter season is a must for snow-loving people. Let’s face it, snow is incredible and you can do a lot of things with it. Also, traveling in winter has many advantages and I’ll be listing some of them:

  • It may help you burn off calories
  • No bugs
  • Soil and water table are refreshed
  • First snows are beautiful

And a lot more.
For many years traveling in winter has become popular. Spending the holidays in other countries takes advantage of the season. So, if you’re planning to get a vacation I would recommend you to go for a winter vacation packages. To get an idea I’m going to list some of the best cities for a winter vacation.

Winter Travel Destination

Taking advantage of the beautiful winter season. I have selected the best winter travel destinations for you. The beauty of a snowy landscape or a relaxed cold street is a must-visit.


Called the Contemporary City by many people, Munich is one of the most popular cities in Germany. Home of the famous festival, Oktoberfest, the city has many of the biggest breweries of the country.

Winter in Munich is cold and snowy, perfect for many winter activities. The area around Munich is called Bavaria and is fairly beautiful in winter. People who love nature and outdoor activities will love this city.


prague winter vacation

Known for its century of history and is one of the most iconic medieval and well-preserved cities in the world. Famous for its castles and Baroque and Gothic cathedrals that could be taken out from a fantasy book. This city is a great travel destination all over the year.

The winter in Prague las from December to February. One of the best times of the year to walk and discover the beautiful cobblestone streets.


budapesy winter travel

Buda and Pest are well known for their Chain Bridges, which connect the city and have become the national symbols. The hospitality of their people and relaxing spas make this city a perfect winter travel destination.

There’s a lot to do in Budapest in winter. Visiting a Christmas market and the Basilica Light Show are great options.

St. Petersburg

st. petersburg

The second-largest city in Russia, St. Pete is known as the Cultural Capital of Russia. This city has some impressive cathedrals, palaces, and the largest museum in the world.

Winter in St. Petersburg is long, lasting from November till the end of March. That’s a lot of winter! And like most parts of the country, the city is cold, dark, and snowy. There’s a winter activity for anyone, you can get a lot of stunning views of the city covered in ice and snow.


vienna winter destination

The city of music is called this way due to the number of classical musicians that called Vienna home, Beethoven and Mozart just to name a few. Home to a few beautiful cathedrals and palaces, Vienna will give you the travel of your lifetime.

Vienna in winter is full of life, as a travel destination, many people want to visit the city for a huge variety of winter activities and stunning landscapes.

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