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5 Steps to Get Ready for Your Winter Outdoor Adventure

Winter is here!It is time to start thinking about a socially distanced getaway to close up this long year the right way. an what better way to do this than by going outdoor on some crazy adventure. But if you are new at this you might be wondering, how do I do this?Five things you need to prepare if you are going on a Winter Outdoor Adventure soon.Learn all about the top travel tips.

Well, there are at least five essential things that you need to consider if you are going on a winter outdoor adventure with your friends or family. Below you will find them all with a quick explanation of what makes them so important.

Winter Outdoor Adventure

Get Ready for Your Winter Outdoor Adventure

1. Make sure you have the right clothes

A winter vacation that you plan to spend outdoors isn’t just about grabbing something warm that you might have in your closet. Having the right outdoor gear is essential not just for your comfort but for your safety.

You need to be smart about coming up with a layered outfit that won’t let cold, wind, or moisture in but that will allow your body to breathe without it getting damp on the inside.

2. Extra moisturizing skincare 

Your skin will suffer a lot if you spend a lot of time receiving cold wind, so you need to be prepared with something extra moisturizing that is easy to carry and most importantly, that doesn’t add too much weight to your backpack.

Chapstick is also part of that skincare regimen that you will need to carry with you on a winter vacation.

3. Get shoes that will keep you warm 

There are thousands of boots out there of all kinds. But, when going on a winter adventure you need to be careful of the ones you pick. The ones that made your feet sweat during the summer might not be warm or waterproof enough for the winter trails.

Winter shoes have special linings that just like the clothes, allow your skin to breathe while keeping cold and water outside.

4. Extra charging devices for your electronics

In my experience, de batteries on electronic devices tend to last less on cold weather. So, if you normally carry around one power bank, you might want to consider taking another one with you, just to be sure that your GPS won’t run out of batteries unexpectedly or at a bad moment.

5. Get the right shelter in place (for those planning to go camping)

Your average tent won’t do in these cases. A three seasons one might be enough if the are isn’t too windy or too high up on a mountain, but you might need to get yourself an alpine one if you plan on going higher. This will again ensure that cold and water from outside don’t get inside, and in this case, that wind won’t knock it down in the middle of the night leaving you unprotected from weather.

When it comes to a sleeping bag make sure that it is made to keep you comfortable in the weather conditions that you are expecting and get a mummy-style one. They are best for keeping the warmth inside.

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