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Wine Accessories Every Wine Lover Should Have

The mark of a true wine enthusiast can include his or her knowledge of vintages, an understanding of the fermenting process, and the ability to differentiate a fine wine from an indifferent blend. Aficionados consider their daily glass of wine to be one of life’s best pleasures. Part of the experience is often a collection of wine accessories to enhance the enjoyment. Following are some the most popular and useful accessories.

3 Must Have Wine Accessories

Wine Accessories
Photo by: Brendan DeBrincat


Often, the quintessential moment of a fine dinner is the popping of the cork on a bottle of fine wine. Of course, wine lovers know that this important step is not always as easy as it looks in the movies. No one wants to spend an inordinate amount of time or energy wrestling with a bottle cork. In the worst case, an improperly opened bottle can leave cork shard to ruin the beverage. Some of the most useful corkscrews include the following:

• Electric corkscrews – why not let modern technology make life easy? These electric corkscrews pull and release the cork with a push of the button. Many wine aficionados discover that this step becomes fun when previously it was an inconvenience.
• Lever corkscrews – levers relieve the struggle of dealing with corks. Top line models are guaranteed to open bottles easily and quickly.
• Mounted corkscrews – many consider this the easiest-to-use corkscrew of all. They generally come in rich, metallic finishes to enhance whatever furniture serves as the mount.
• Twist corkscrews – wine lovers often go back to basics with a traditional twist corkscrew.
• Waiter’s corkscrews – take a tip from the experts who use this type of corkscrew in professional catering and restaurant environments. This corkscrew, small enough to fit unobtrusively in a handy pocket, can be a budget-conscious utensil, or a fine showpiece with exquisite craftsmanship and an elegant inlay.
• Gift sets – popular sets combine each of these types of corkscrews with other handy accessories

Wine Aerators

Wine purists often insist on imbibing wine just as it is found in the bottle. However, even the most traditional wine lovers will accept the use of a wine aerator. Young, bold wines often suffer the presence of excess tannin. Aeration can soften the effect of too much tannin in the beverage.

Aeration is an excellent alternative to using a wine decanter to unleash hidden aromas and complexities in an older vintage red. A wine aerator can accomplish in minutes what may take hours to perform with a decanter.

Aerators work by expanding the surface area of the wine. This process allows the air to mingle with the pristine liquid. Aerators force air throughout the wine producing a drink that has an expanded aromatic profile and subdued tannin’s.

Devices for Wine Preservation

Many believe that a bottle once opened must be finished to pay proper homage to the beverage. They wouldn’t pop the bottle into the refrigerator like an old tuna sandwich. However, there are several accepted methods that help preserve an opened vintage, including:

• Bottle stoppers and pourers – trust stoppers to protect the wine for future enjoyment.
• Cartridge Systems – these systems can keep the wine in the proper atmosphere as well as dispense the liquid on demand.
• Dispensers – attractive and stylish dispensers preserve and dispense fine wine
• Pumps – pump dispensers comprise especially attractive dispenser systems.

These are just a few of the excellent accessories that can enhance the wine-tasting experience of a wine lover.

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  1. I just want to make my wine drinking solemn and peacefully. This is the time that I just want to endure the taste of the wine and be with myself alone. I never thought considering about having an awesome wine glass and other wine accessories.

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