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Will Fans be Allowed to Attend Games in the Upcoming NFL Season?

Going back nearly 18 months now, the world came to a standstill as the coronavirus pandemic swept across the globe. We lost loved ones, we were forced to isolate ourselves from friends and family, and life as we know it just stopped. We couldn’t go to the cinema, we couldn’t go out for a nice meal in a restaurant, and we couldn’t attend our favorite sporting events.The problem is with the NFL, it may differ depending where you go.Will Fans be Allowed to Attend Games in the Upcoming NFL Season?

With regards to sports, two things happened. Many seasons were suspended and action just never resumed. Other sports paused their seasons to pick up at a later date. The one thing both outcomes shared, was no matter what, fans were not allowed in stadiums and arenas. It was to just be the sports stars, team staff and media representatives that would be on location.

upcoming NFL season

During lockdown

We were able to see more coverage on TV than ever before, with broadcasters beginning to help reschedule fixtures and broadcast them so fans missed out on as little action as possible. But it wasn’t the same, the sound of players shouting at each other, then the coach shouting at the players, it was surreal at times. A nice insight to what actually goes on.

But the noise of the crowd caused a lack of atmosphere. It wasn’t the same without the voices of fans singing, cheering on their team and booing the opposition. It wasn’t the same without the eruption of applause when something great happened, or when the crowd collectively sighs when someone makes a mistake.

Broadcasters did try to combat this by using the audio from sports video games as an overlay on the sports events as they were played. This became known as artificial crowd noise, and whilst it did make games seem a little better on TV, a little more normal, the pictures confirmed it was not. And the mistimed cheers and boos that came moments after an event happened began to ruin it for fans.

Will fans be allowed to attend games in the upcoming NFL season?

Every cloud may not have a silver lining

As the new season looks to begin, stadiums and arenas are opening up again to allow fans back. This is great news for those who have missed going to the games, and for the players and staff because sometimes having a crowd behind you can give you the kick up the backside you need to get yourselves going and turn a bad performance around.

The problem is with the NFL, it may differ depending where you go. Each state tends to have its own rules, much like they do with sports betting, and just like how you may search the web to have NFL betting lines explained, you’ll have to do the same to see whether you can attend games in your own state or on the road.

Some places could have full capacity, others may have a percentage full with social distancing encouraged. If an outbreak occurs a game could even be called off, or at the very best be played behind closed doors with no fans allowed. But this could change from day-to-day, so you need to keep checking if you’re going to attend NFL games to make sure you can still go.

It hasn’t been confirmed either, but it may also be the case only those fans who have been vaccinated will be allowed to attend. And proof must be given to gain entry. This will no doubt infuriate fans who are anti-vaxxers or who believe Bill Gates is trying to chip everyone of us, but it’ll bring a sense of relief for those who do attend knowing it is a safe environment.

Will fans be allowed to attend games in the upcoming NFL season?

If you’re lucky

So if you are one of the lucky ones there are a few things we recommend you do to keep safe:

  • Remember to social distance – it can be hard in a packed stadium, and it’s not 100% necessary if you’re going to the game with someone else, you can stand by them. But by keeping a safe distance from random strangers, and not going to hug them when your team goes up will help prevent the spread of pathogens.
  • Wear facemasks – Whilst many places now say you don’t have to, it is still advisable to wear a face covering. As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry, and it definitely applies here.
  • Wash often – Whether you’re touching the railing of stairs or going to the bathroom, you should be washing your hands anyway, but be more thorough so as not to spread the virus. And if anti-bacterial gel is available then use this too.

Hopefully in time we won’t have to keep with all the antics that have us covering up and keeping apart, and we’ll see life return back to normal, with stadiums full of fans that can hug and embrace each other. But until then, make sure you stay safe!


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