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Why Your Next Vacation Should be a European Health Retreat

Although going on vacation to heal may not sound like the vacation of a lifetime if you find one that is right for you it will be life-changing and enriching. If you think about events of the last few years it is clear that there are plenty of people who are afraid. This fear is clearly unhealthy and is arguably nurtured in healthcare systems and the media. 

Should you become ill, the chances are you’re going to go on medication for the remainder of your life. One mention of a virus and the chances are you’re considering the possibility of never leaving the house again which itself is unhealthy. The cycle is vicious and no medication is going to help you break it.

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There are also issues which modern medicine has no answer for. Some of this is driven by the fact there is no profit in healing the sick, and some of it is beyond the reach of scientific minds.

Regardless of the reason you’re feeling a little ill, time spent in Avalon’s ayahuasca retreat or somewhere similar could be all you need if you’ve developed or suffering with one of the following:

  • Unhealthy habits
  • Anxiety and fear
  • Energy loss and burnout
  • Fear of death
  • Social conditioning
  • Media overload
  • Weak immune system and or body toxicity
  • A feeling of life uncertainty

Becoming Whole and Self Improvement

If you consider traveling and the life enriching experience it offers, there are a few things in this world that are better. They say traveling helps you find out who you are, so as you soak up cultures and see things few of your countrymen will see, you also have those little moments where you realize that the world is both small and big at the same time, and this helps you grow as a person.

When you embark on a vacation or go for long term traveling all the stresses of work and the daily grind vanish for a while. You feel more relaxed and happy. You change for the better before you have to return to the grind and the cycle of stress begins again.

Going to a European health retreat brings similar benefits to travel. Arguably, they take things further in that through the teachings and events you may discover aspects that you did not know exist. 

Consider, do you feel you lack:

  • Clarity of life
  • A calling in life
  • Connectedness
  • Order and oneness
  • Spirituality 
  • Creativity and drive

The pressures of our everyday world are often overwhelming. You may cope with it better than most and can separate the stresses and toxic environments from your life which is a great thing.

You may not, however, and here a retreat set in a magnificent city such as Barcelona could be just what your doctor didn’t order but something that you need. 

A good health retreat is so much more than a detox. It is about finding who you are and taking responsibility for your own health, rather than relying on systems that often let people down.

Ensure your next vacation is one of discovery.

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