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Why You Should Take Private Surf Lessons

Surfer school.

People will hire private instructors for a variety of activities so they can become better and grow as a person. However, some people might not realize that they can get private surf lessons. If you want to learn how to surf, then you should take private surf lessons so you can enjoy these different benefits.

Private Surf LessonsTop 5 Reasons to Take Private Surf Lessons

Learn the Basics

It can be difficult to learn the basics on your own, so having an instructor to guide you through it will give you the foundation that you need to surf. An instructor will let you know how to row, when to stand and how to position your feet on the board. This way, you can properly stand when you ride your first wave and avoid falling off

Some people may not know how to position their feet or when to stand up while surfing, so having an instructor guide you will make the learning process easier for you.

Get Direct Feedback

If you’re learning with a group or on your own, then you can’t get as much feedback. Learning on your own requires you to recognize your own mistakes and learning in a group will have moments where you get overlooked. However, a private instructor can give you direct feedback to help you minimize mistakes and bad habits when you surf.

Your instructor can point out the issues immediately so you can correct them and become a better surfer. This will help you in the long run since you can avoid those unnecessary mistakes and have the instructor show you what you need to do.

Safely Learn

Some people don’t realize this, but surfing can pose some serious injuries and dangers. For example, you could get stuck under the water, knocked around by waves and also lose control of your board while you surf. A private instructor will go over safety with you so you can have fun while avoiding those injuries

You want to enjoy surfing, but you should also keep yourself safe throughout the process. An instructor will go through each of these steps with you to help you remain safe while you’re in the water. This will take some extra time, but it will be worth it.

Improve Faster

You will face personal roadblocks as you learn how to surf since some techniques will make it more difficult for you to do well. On top of this, you may not understand what you’re doing wrong or what you need to improve, so that can pose further roadblocks for you. An instructor can work you through this so you can improve faster.

As you surf, your instructor can watch you and talk with you once you return to the shore. After this, the instructor can then mention some things you did well and how you can improve as a surfer.

Keep Yourself Motivated

Some people will struggle with maintaining their motivation if they face constant issues and roadblocks. Some will even struggle when they first learn if they can’t properly ride waves or surf. However, having an instructor is a great source of motivation to help you continue learning and improving as a surfer.

You can point out frustrations and problems to your instructor and he or she can give you some words of encouragement. On top of this, your instructor can point out ways to overcome those problems so that you can continue improving. Due to this, instructors can motivate you to become a surfer.


Getting your own private surf lessons will allow you to enjoy these different benefits so you can become a good surfer in no time. Trying to learn on your own or in a group will pose some serious difficulties, but you will learn quicker with a private instructor. Due to this, you should look into private surf lessons in your area.

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