Why You Should Invest in Real Estate Across the Country

Is It a Good Idea to Invest in Real Estate in Different Areas?

Every year, millions of newcomers to the real estate investment world consider which types of properties would be best to add to their portfolios. Many people who are just getting started and those with limited capital end up starting with a single property, or possibly two properties, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with this. 

But when you start expanding your portfolio to make more money and accumulate more wealth, you’ll need to start thinking critically about how you want to expand.

One of the best strategies is to invest in properties from many different areas of the country.

But why is this so valuable and how should you approach this tactic?

Why You Should Invest in Real Estate Across the Country
Real below to learn why it’s a good idea to invest in real estate in different areas and how to approach it.

How to Invest in Properties Across the Country

If you’re going to invest in real estate across the country, you’re going to need some help. There’s no way for you to be in multiple places at once and coordinating different networks of contractors is quickly going to spiral out of control.

One of the best options for most people is working with property management companies. For example, if you’re purchasing properties in or around Houston, you can work with a Houston property management company – and you can hire property management companies in pretty much any big city you want to explore. 

Your property managers are going to take care of almost everything associated with your property, from repairs to tenant screening and even evictions. In exchange, you’ll only be responsible for a small monthly management fee (in addition to your existing expenses). It’s a convenient way to stay on top of all your properties, around the country, without disproportionately increasing your workload or putting yourself in impossible positions.

As an alternative, you could start your own company, hiring your own property managers, contractors, and administrators in different areas. However, not everyone wants to undertake such a massive endeavor – especially when property management companies are so inexpensive.

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The Power of Diversification

The goal of investing in real estate in many different areas is diversification. Different areas have different strengths and weaknesses, including:

·       Jobs. Some areas have powerful draws in the form of jobs. There are big businesses in the city that bring in people from all over the country, driving demand for rentals higher. But you never know when these dynamics might change; a city could gain or lose a massive employer unexpectedly, disrupting your plans, either positively or negatively.

·       Crime. Similarly, crime rates fluctuate. Areas with low crime have higher demand, but also higher prices for entry, while areas with high crime have lower demand and lower prices for entry.

·       Culture. Different areas of the country have different cultures and social expectations. There are pros and cons associated with almost any conceivable culture, so it’s wise to be exposed to many different cultures.

·       Demographics. There are many demographics worth targeting in your real estate strategy. Why not try to target many different demographics so you can spread your influence and capitalize on the largest number of total people?

·       Population growth. When an area grows in terms of population, property owners strongly benefit. But since it’s hard to predict which areas are going to explosively grow next, it’s a good idea to cover your bases.

·       Politics, laws, and regulations. Changes to local politics, laws, and regulations could also throw a wrench in your investing plans – or open the door to new opportunities.

In short, investing in different areas is a way of mitigating risk, hedging your bets, and capitalizing on the greatest number of advantages simultaneously. It also has a tendency to stabilize your overall returns.

Fringe Benefits

Investing in properties throughout the country also has some fringe benefits.

For example, this is an opportunity for you to explore new locations that you otherwise wouldn’t have considered. In your search for properties, you can travel the entire country, and you might end up with some properties you want to live in eventually.

This is also a great way to better understand high-level dynamics in the real estate market. If you greatly understand local dynamics across many different cities, you’ll get a better feel for the ebb and flow of the American real estate market overall.

Why You Should Invest in Real Estate Across the Country
Maintaining a diverse portfolio of properties, in cities all around the country, is one of the best ways to increase your returns and minimize your exposure to risk.

Other Ways to Diversify

If you like the idea of diversifying your real estate portfolio, there are other diversification tactics you can use as well, such as:

·       Single family vs. multifamily. Single family homes are simpler and more approachable, but also more volatile; multifamily homes offer more income, but can be more challenging for newcomers to invest in and manage.

·       Residential vs. commercial. Residential and commercial real estate markets function somewhat independently and serve very different demographics. Neither is strictly superior to the other; they each have strengths to appreciate and weaknesses to compensate for.

·       Loans vs. cash. You can also diversify by purchasing some properties with loans (for financial leverage) and some in cash (to minimize debt and risk exposure). There are some pros and cons associated with each option, so it’s worth adding both to your portfolio.

Maintaining a diverse portfolio of properties, in cities all around the country, is one of the best ways to increase your returns and minimize your exposure to risk. It’s not easy to approach by default, but with the help of a property management company, it’s much more accessible.

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Last Updated on March 2, 2024

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