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Why You Should Choose West Cork Over Dublin For Your Irish Vacation

Every year, Dublin gets around 2 million visitors from the US and Canada. With Ireland itself playing a big part in our nation’s heritage, we think that every American should make the trip across the Atlantic at least once in their lifetime. The only thing we don’t think is that they should make that trip to Dublin.

While Dublin is a beautiful city – full of history and culture – it is not the epitome of what Ireland is all about. For instance, how many people visit Dublin but don’t visit the Cliffs of Moher, Kinsale, or West Cork? How many actually see all the wonders that Ireland has to offer other than the Dublin Guinness Factory?!

West Cork, specifically, is a perfect amalgamation of everything that makes Ireland great. A vacation here is one of the best ways to really get an idea of the country and come away from that vacation feeling like you know the real Ireland outside of the big city. 

With this in mind, here are seven reasons why you should choose West Cork for your Ireland vacation and all of the things you can experience:

The Accommodation Is Varied And Beautiful

While you can certainly find great accommodation in Dublin, it is significantly more expensive. Not to mention, what you get for the price often cannot compete with some of the amazing options that can be found in Cork. For much less than the equivalent property in Dublin for example, you could rent a luxury holiday home like – set against the gorgeous backdrop of Roaringwater Bay and only 10 minutes away from the nearest town. In Cork, you don’t just get a place to stay, you get an experience you’ll never forget. 

Most Things Are Far Cheaper

Speaking of Baltimore, nearly every town in West Cork is cheaper than Dublin – which is always the way when you compare big cities to more rural spots. For this reason, however, you might find yourself doing more in West Cork than you would in Dublin simply because you’ll have more in your pocket. 

You’re In A Mystical Fairyland

One of the reasons you’re going to Ireland is because you want to experience that mystical fairyland – the same one you saw in shows like Game Of Thrones! Dublin is a beautiful city, full of culture, but it isn’t the Ireland you’re used to seeing on the big or small screen. In West Cork, there are rolling green hills, awesome seaside views, ancient secrets, and historic tales – all of which will be perfect for your Instagram portfolio, of course!

You Get A Real Sense Of Ireland

Sticking on this theme, when you’re in West Cork, you’re going to get a real sense of Ireland, from the place to the people. This is all about getting to the heart of a country rather than going where you’re expected to go. There are many reasons to fall in love with Dublin, but as with any capital city, you can feel that it’s a tourist destination, and for that reason, it can be hard to really get to grips with what the real Ireland is like.

The Food Is Local And Irresistible

This may just be a personal preference, but we think the food in West Cork is some of the best anywhere in the country. Whether it’s Irish stews, white puddings, barmbrack or the delicious Irish soda bread, all of it seems to be cooked to perfection in West Cork. As well as this, because the sea plays an important influence on the landscape of West Cork, you’ll find a number of restaurants and bars selling some of the most delectable seafood platters. So make sure you give them a try!

You Have Space To Experience Things Properly

One negative about visiting big cities is that everyone else has had the same idea! This means that places like Dublin are full of tourists year-round, especially in the summer. In West Cork, however, you will have the space to experience everything properly, whether that’s a tour through the most historic sites, lazing around on some of the best beaches in Ireland, or simply browsing along a shopping market.

The Views… Oh, The Views!

Lastly, how could we finish this article without talking about the views? Wherever you are in West Cork, there are incredible views, some of which span miles and miles of green landscapes or beckon right out onto an oceanic horizon. These are the kind of views that stick with you for a lifetime. So go to West Cork and experience them for yourself.

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