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Why You Must Visit Dubai Festival City

With plenty of entertainment options coupled with top-notch functions and diverse cuisines, Dubai Festival City is a must-visit destination in Dubai. So if you are visiting UAE soon, take a dive into this city to experience luxury, fun, and a life without limits.Dubai Festival City is a must-visit destination in Dubai.Here’s an overview of why Dubai Festival City should be on your Dubai itinerary.

Accommodation options are also abundant, including Dubai Festival City apartments for rent and hotels, so you don’t need to worry about where to stay.

Dubai Festival City

Easy commute

Dubai Festival City is accessible from the Dubai International Airport. It is about five minutes away and has convenient access to the city’s major arterial roads.

Although the Dubai Metro doesn’t connect directly to Dubai Festival City, it is easily reachable by public transport buses. Metro stations nearby include the Emirates Metro Station, Al Jadaf Metro Station, and Creek Metro Station.

You can also reach Dubai Festival City through the RTA Water Taxi. This marine transit has a panoramic passenger’s cabin offering privacy and luxury while ensuring safety. The water taxis can take you to and from Dubai Festival City across the Dubai Creek.

Another marine transport service operated by the RTA that is popular to Dubai residents and visitors is the abra. It runs every ten minutes between the Al Jadaf Marine Transport Station and Dubai Festival City Marine Transport Station every day, from 7 am to midnight.

Driving in and around Dubai Festival City is also possible, provided that you have a full driving license. Rent-a-car services are available for those over 21 years of age. 

If you’re driving, don’t worry about where to park because most malls offer free parking. There is also paid parking that is categorized into three – special areas, commercial, and non-commercial. You can pay for parking by using your prepaid card, coins, or through the Smart Parking app. When driving, always remember to avoid the left lane because it is only intended for overtaking.

Wide range of entertainment options

There are many activities to enjoy in Dubai Festival City, but here are the best attractions you should not miss.


IMAGINE Dubai is a breath-taking show that combines advanced laser, sound, and light technologies to present spectacular choreography and storytelling in action. It also features state-of-the-art entertainment technology, including 360-degree fountains and video mapping.

IMAGINE Dubai has plenty of visuals, but the most astonishing part is the huge screen projection. You can watch the show as you feast in one of the Dubai Festival City Mall restaurant terraces, such as Eataly and The Cheesecake Factory. Otherwise, you can just head to the bay area to watch it all live.

IMAGINE shows start at 7 pm until 11 pm, every half hour every day, so you can watch the shows at your convenience.

NOVO Cinemas

NOVO Cinemas Dubai Festival City Mall has increased its number of screens to offer more luxury to viewers. The new addition includes MX4D and IMAX theaters.

Most theaters have standard seats and edge seats. For the ultimate luxury, you can book a ticket at the Novo 7 star theatre. Though you may need to pay more, you’ll get to enjoy premium leather seats, pillows and blankets, waiter service, and more. And if you want to experience on-screen action and additional sensations, opt for MX4D screenings.


Fabyland is an entertainment destination for the entire family. It offers plenty of attractions to keep everyone engaged and happy. Parents can throw a party for their kids while schools can bring students on a trip at Fabyland.

Attractions you should not miss include the following:

  • Drop N Twist Tower – Experience a fun gondola ride as it takes you to the top and suddenly decelerates mid-way to cause a series of bounces.
  • Clip N Climb – This ride will propel you up and down.
  • Family Swing – Enjoy a flying experience as the hydraulic lift pulls your seats upwards.
  • Bumper Cars – Take your kids and friends into a competitive ride on bumper cars. Bump into their cars and revel in some fun, exciting memories.
  • Energy Leap – Send shivers down your spine by taking this ride that takes you through multiple twists and turns.
  • Flume Ride – Get into a water slide that plunges into a pool of water. Riders love the final drop.
  • Carousel – This consists of a rotating circular platform mounted with wooden horses that make kids feel they’re riding real ones.
  • XD Theatre – This is an immersive ride offering a multi-sensory experience. It combines visual effects with 3D graphics, wherein you can revel in an adrenaline-pumping action using infra-red guns.

Al Areesh Club

Al Areesh Club in Dubai Festival City offers different health and fitness options. It features an aerobic studio, a fully equipped gym, swimming pools, a multipurpose court, and racket sports. It also houses a dental clinic, Spinneys supermarket, beauty salons, a pharmacy, and entertainment options for kids.

If you are in Dubai on weekends, don’t miss hanging out with your loved ones at Al Areesh Club. Take advantage of their Pool and Brunch where you can enjoy a family get-away while relishing the tasty offerings at its Food Hall.

The brunch also offers certain special options from which you can select, including a live butchery, a live bakery, a fresh deli, a specialty coffee experience, and a soft-serve ice cream parlour.

Enjoy the best of Dubai Festival City

With the easy commute and many enjoyable things to do at Dubai Festival City, it’s no wonder more and more people are looking to visit the place and invest in Dubai Festival City properties. 

All essential facilities are found within the area, including supermarkets, malls, schools, clinics, leisure activities, and even premium office spaces if you want to establish a business in Dubai. So if Dubai is your next travel destination, make sure to visit Dubai Festival City and experience all the fun and thrill it offers.

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