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Why Vacationers Choose Villas Over Hotels in Jamaica

When the time comes to start planning your tropical escape, you likely put a lot of effort into choosing a destination and activities. However, accommodation is also just as deserving of your attention. However, if you’re wondering whether villas or hotels in Jamaica are a better choice, the following information may be helpful.

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With so many options across the Caribbean island nation of Jamaica, it’s not always that easy to narrow down your options.  It’s clear to see that villas lead the way in many regards.

Hotels in Jamaica

You Get Complete Privacy

A villa like Coconut Cottage in Montego Bay, Jamaica, is proof of just why villas can be a favored choice when you desire privacy. When you book accommodation in a hotel, you’re often sharing facilities and common areas with other tourists. 

While there is nothing wrong with meeting new people, many villas offer unrivaled peace and privacy. You can relax in a living room that’s only yours for your vacation’s duration, and spend time outside behind a private wall of flourishing gardens. 

All Home Comforts Are Available

Even if you’ve traveled to Jamaica for a relaxing vacation or an adventure, it’s only natural to feel a little homesick. These feelings can be exacerbated if your only place to relax is in a single hotel room with a small kitchenette and bathroom. 

When you book a villa, as opposed to a hotel room, you get to enjoy a home away from home. In between going for trips to the beach or the golf course, you can be recharging in an expansive property with a full kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedrooms. 

All Your Needs Taken Care Of

An unforgettable experience awaits when you choose Jamaica as your vacation destination. Although, you can undoubtedly make your experience even more memorable when you book a villa with owners that ensure all your needs are catered for. 

Often, you get to take advantage of personal chefs that plan and cook all your meals with a real Jamaican twist. Villa managers or caretakers can even recommend things to do in the area and help you with a beach membership and VIP amenities. 

If you have ever stayed at a standard hotel in the past, you may recall being left to your own devices with a few brochures left in your room to help. The level of service in a villa may exceed your expectations. 

Authentic Cultural Experience

The contained and enclosed style of hotels in Jamaica suit many people’s vacationing needs just nicely. However, if you’re looking for a more authentic look into Jamaica’s culture to enjoy your vacation to the fullest, a villa can assist with that. 

While luxurious and well-positioned to take advantage of gorgeous views, they are often proximate to the heart of Jamaica and its people. You can get a more authentic insight into how the locals live and some of the best cultural experiences when you’re as close to them as possible. 

With so many accommodation options in Jamaica at your disposal, it’s little wonder that it can be hard to make a choice. However, there are certainly many reasons why villas are worth your while. Consider this information above before you make your booking. 

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