Why Traveling by Water Is the Best

So many stories were written about sailing, about the sea, and for a reason – there really is no better way to travel than by ship. You should know that traveling by water is not fast, actually, it really allows the traveler to enjoy the traveling part itself. It allows you to form a whole different perspective that is only allowed when you are traveling by boat. Apart from that, it is also just so much fun! There are many things that make traveling by water a great experience, but there are five that you should definitely consider.

traveling by water

Top Reasons for Traveling by Water

The Scenery

As mentioned in the beginning, traveling by sea truly lets you utilize every moment your trip. How? Because you are not going to end up wasting a full day in transit watching movies like maybe you would if you travel by plane. Traveling by really allows you to be involved and observant over all of the twists and turns of your vacation from beginning to end. So basically, you get to see where you take off from and where you land, just as if traveling by plane, but water travel also lets you be a part of pretty much everything in between, making it more about the journey itself than the destination. Oh and, if you have ever experienced a sunrise on an open sea, you know what I’m talking about.

The Wildlife 

Water travel offers such diverse and abundant wildlife. Wherever you go, you are likely to see a greater variety of wildlife than at any beach on an island, basically, the further out to sea you go the bigger the fish get. For example, if you happen to be on a cruiser in Alaska, you will be granted a few humpback whale-watching opportunities…there are barely words that can explain how spectacular that sight is. On a regular trip, you will also be able to see a lot of different birds, even eagles, and of course, a vast array of fish. Traveling on a cruiser is one thing, but if you have a boat at your disposal, you can make all the stops that you want and enjoy everything the way you want it, so, to get more information on that you can look it up on, since there are just too many details about boats themselves for us to cover in this article, so – we talk about the experience. And the experience of being completely surrounded and immersed by wildlife is something that can never be had by traveling by plane. 

Water Sports

Water sports range from surfing to jet skis and beyond, and it’s really up to you to experience everything that water sports have to offer. If you just want to take some time to yourself and have a bit of fun while on water, then there’s really a no better way to do it than by water sports. Pretty much everyone loves a good old adrenaline rush. Also, water sports, like pretty much any sports obviously – are a really good workout! For instance, paddling is a great combination of cardio and strength workouts, while standup paddle boarding will also greatly improve your balance and the performance of your core muscles. Swimming and diving on the other hand strengthen your core and are a good cardio workout too.

Building Relationships

One, unfortunately, forgotten aspect of travel is the possibility of interactions with other passengers. While plane and bus travel simply affords little opportunity for such interactions since the focus is on getting to the destination as fast as possible. As mentioned earlier, traveling by sea is an experience itself and along the way, you will venture into different places, you will encounter diverse wildlife – all of which sparking conversation. On the other hand, when everything is calm, when the night comes, you can see all the stars above, well, that is when the real conversations happen. 

The Price 

Another great thing about traveling by sea is the price. When traveling somewhere by plane, you must buy the ticket first in order to get to your destination and then pay for everything else when you finally arrive. But when it comes to traveling by water, “ticket” and the experience costs are combined into the same thing. Even if you happen to go to an all-inclusive cruise ship, you will ultimately end up saving a lot of money then if you were to fly to all the destinations, rent hotels, go into restaurants, etc.

traveling by water

After everything having been said, are you already itching to step aboard? What better way to spend your summer than on a sailing boat heading from one beautiful Mediterranean island to the next? Or perhaps Greece, for which it would take years to explore all of the islands. The options are practically endless. Go, have fun!

Last Updated on March 25, 2022

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