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Why Travel to New Orleans?

New Orleans is a beautiful Louisiana City bordering the Mississippi River near the Gulf of Mexico. Also known as the ‘Big Easy,’ it’s a city that attracts visitors from far and wide to enjoy the nightlife, music scene, and cuisine. Planning a vacation can require much thought, but you might put New Orleans at the top of your ‘must-visit’ list for some of the following reasons: 

Plenty of Free Activities

There are many free things to do in New Orleans, which can be a significant drawcard for travelers looking to enjoy a budget-friendly vacation. You can go on self-guided walking tours around the city, explore the beautiful French Quarter historic neighborhood, or visit one of the many desirable parks, like Jean Lafitte National Historical Park, just 40 minutes from downtown New Orleans. 

Affordable Transport

Rental cars can be expensive, and travelers on strict budgets might not have much money set aside for transport after paying for flights and accommodation. In that case, New Orleans is an excellent vacation destination. This city boasts a streetcar system with five different routes taking locals and visitors to various parts of the city. You can pay $1.25 per ride or purchase a multi-day pass for unlimited rides. 

Delicious Cuisine

New Orleans is well known for its cuisine. Whether you’re planning to sit down in a restaurant or pick up takeaways from a café, you’re bound to be astounded by the array of hearty and traditional food on offer. New Orleans has many famous dishes that people travel far and wide to enjoy, such as gumbo, beignets, and jambalaya. If you’re unsure what to order on the menu, ask the waitstaff or chef what they recommend for people wanting to enjoy the most authentic New Orleans food available. 

The Art Scene

Art lovers can take great delight in paying a visit to New Orleans. Meander through the streets of the French Quarter, and you can be immersed in the art scene, with many artists choosing to display their wares in this area. Jackson Square, in particular, can often become a hot spot for artisans. The French Quarter is also an excellent spot to watch musicians perform if you’re a music fan. Dance the night away before returning to downtown New Orleans for a hearty meal.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is a carnival celebration and a festivity period before the fasting season of Lent. It’s celebrated with parties and parades around the world and is certainly celebrated in style in New Orleans. 

It’s believed that at least 1.4 million people descend upon New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras over a two-week period each year. Bleachers are installed along the main streets for daily parades, and everything is decorated in beautiful shades of gold, purple, and green.

There are also floats, multiple parties, and a vast array of activities for locals and tourists alike to enjoy during their stay. Mardi Gras parades have been a mainstay in New Orleans since the 1800s, with the first parade taking place in 1837. 

While deciding where to head on your next vacation can be challenging, there’s every reason to put New Orleans on your list. The food, affordable activities, and art scene are just a few of the many reasons why millions of people visit this beautiful city each year. 

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