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Why Travel Insurance Is More Important Than Ever In 2021

Travel insurance is essential for frequent travelers, but for some, it became more important than ever in 2021. People have been limited to travel due to the pandemic. Now that some countries have allowed their citizens to take trips, it’s vital to protect yourself from unforeseen events.Travel insurance is important for frequent travelers.If not, then more you need to know the reasons why travel insurance in 2021 is essential.

Some events, like contracting a virus, might happen when you travel, especially now that COVID-19 still exists. Many foreigners have been restricted from returning to their hometowns due to lockdowns. Worse, some may have experienced emergencies, requiring them to spend more than what’s on their budget. When this happens, are you prepared?

why travel insurance in 2021 is essential
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1. Travel Insurance Offers Peace Of Mind

While traveling is one of the many ways to de-stress, some people find it nerve-wracking. They think of thousands of unwanted events that can happen during travel. This even worsens because of the deadly virus that’s lurking everywhere.  

If you worry a lot during and before traveling, you may want to consider having travel insurance. By knowing that it can solve every problem you could think of, you can have peace of mind. 

Having a policy from reputable companies like SoCal Insurance & Financial Services and others allows you to own a car or property worry-free. Similarly, having travel insurance can lessen your worries because you have the protection and financing in case of emergencies. You won’t need to worry about getting stranded in a foreign place because the right policy could help you with your accommodation costs and the like. 

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2. Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) Is A Need

While CFAR may increase the cost of your policy, the flexibility you have on your trip outweighs it. Before, CFAR wasn’t included in any travel insurance. Most agencies have this type of policy because lockdowns and travel restrictions can happen anytime, anywhere.

By having travel insurance, you can get a refund when you cancel a trip. And as its name suggests, you can cancel it without explaining your reasons. What’s important, though, is to check your provider’s fine print to understand how much you could get back. 

Some insurance companies offer full premium refunds, but others may provide vouchers with a small amount only, or a small percentage from the premium.  

3. Some Destinations Require Insurance

Before 2020 or the boom of the pandemic, you can travel anywhere without the need to present travel or medical insurance. However, some places like Aruba, Jamaica, Bahamas, and Costa Rica now require incoming travelers to have a policy.

That’s because you never know when you’ll get sick visiting a foreign country. With travel insurance, you can have the money to pay for your medical expenses. 

Thus, before booking a flight, you must check what the country requires. Some may require more than USD$50,000 coverage in connection to COVID-19, while others only require a policy with USD$2,000 coverage.

Having medical insurance in your country may not be enough because some policies don’t cover overseas medical expenses. Thus, the need for travel insurance. It’s not only so you can visit a place you want, but having extra coverage can keep you from spending out of your own pocket. 

Since it’s a new kind of policy, travel insurance agencies are aligning their policies to meet the requirements of your destination. Some agencies even now meet Costa Rica’s requirements regarding incoming travelers. While the new kind of travel insurance is still in the process of development, it’s essential to ask your provider for more information about it. 

4. It Can Cover Loss Of Baggage And Personal Belongings

Because job loss has increased due to the coronavirus, the number of robbers has also increased. Some people may be left with no choice but to take advantage of tourists, and steal their belongings. For these reasons, you might lose your passport, visa, and other essential documents together with your cards and cash. 

When this unfortunate event happens, it may be impossible to recover them anymore. Although your belongings are replaceable, it’s still a significant financial loss. 

With travel insurance, you could get a refund. If your plan covers everything, then well and good. But it’s still best to check what your policy’s coverage and exclusions are. That way, you can fully enjoy the benefits of having a policy.


It’s nice to insure your car, health, and property. But it’s even better to insure yourself when you travel to other places. Not only will it give you a refund in case your baggage is lost, but you can have funds to spend during emergencies in a foreign place. Check with your insurance agents, and they may have the correct travel insurance for you.

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