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Why the Niagara Falls Should Make it on Your Bucket List in 2019

Visit the Niagara Falls soon just in case, because in 50,000 years it should be totally eroded. There is evidence that the falls have moved back seven miles in the last 12,000 years alone. However, as beautiful and breathtaking as the waterfalls are, do not attempt a trip over them since you would risk your life and would be fined $10,000. The first lady to survive a trip over the falls was a 63-year old teacher, named Annie Taylor, who made the fall with her cat in a specially designed barrel.Reasons why the Niagara Falls should be listed high on your bucket list for 2019.Take a look at this fun post with all of the Niagara falls.

The Niagara Falls are also one of the most visited honeymoon destinations in the last 200 years. So why not get a little romantic and get those sparks flying again while taking a ride in the 175 feet tall Niagara Sky Wheel?

Niagara Falls

Or take an even more romantic carriage ride in the close by town of Niagara-On-The-Lakes (which is 25 minutes away from the Niagara Falls) with Sentineal Carriages, they offer tours focused on your hobbies such as wines, gardening etc.

There are three waterfalls present, two of which are located in the U.S. and the biggest, the Horseshoe waterfall is located in Canada. If you decide to visit, do not forget to get your Canada eTa.

If you already have a family, consider some of the many family-oriented adventures offered in the area like the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark: This would be especially great if you are hit by bad spell of weather. Or visit the Wild Magic Show with Greg Frewin. At the end of the show there is an awesome opportunity to take a picture with a tiger! But don’t worry, there is an invisible barrier between you and the tiger, which of course you won’t see in the picture. Your little ones and you will love the Butterfly Conservatory. Is there anything as beautiful as a butterfly landing on your finger?

Of course, while you’re there do not get sidetracked with all the amazing entertainment opportunities so that you forget about seeing what you came for: The Niagara Falls. There are multiple ways to enjoy this sight. First with the Hornblower Niagara Cruise Boat, this ship will bring you close to the Niagara Falls so make sure you have waterproof shoes on. The second option is called “Journey Behind the Falls”, you might not see much behind the waterfall, but it is still intense. The last and most fun option would be with Niagara Helicopters, there is no minimum age and up to 6 people can fly at a time. Will the Niagara Falls in Canada make it on your bucket travel list in 2019?

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