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Why Thailand Should Be On Your Bucket List

Those who love exploring new places and experiencing thrilling adventures will often find that their travel bucket list is ever-growing. After all, adding a new country to your bucket list could result in more memories, opportunities to push yourself out of your comfort zone, new activities or hobbies, and the feeling of accomplishment through your daily adventures. If you have been looking to expand your bucket list and require inspiration, keep reading to discover why you should look to add Thailand to it. Or, if you haven’t considered growing your list yet, by the end, this article might convince you to do just that, starting with Thailand!

boats in a beach in thailand

Picture Perfect Beaches 

If you want to take plenty of Instagram-worthy pictures while traveling, Thailand is here to provide them. Find long stretches of beach with golden sand and dazzling blue ocean, or discover white sands surrounded by tall cliffs with aquamarine water providing the finishing touch. Thailand has beaches for everyone. Movie lovers could head to Maya Bay, where The Beach movie was filmed. Rock climbers will also be in their element on Thailand beaches. Railay Beach offers stunning views, caves, and a boat trip, as this is the only way to get here. 

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The Unmissable Experiences 

Thailand offers visitors many wondrous activities and experiences that provide great photo opportunities and lifetime memories. Often to make it easier for adventurers to get the most out of their trip, most places around Thailand offer tour tickets. In the capital of Thailand, Phuket, you can find tours for all types of activities, including jet skiing and ziplining.

You could even opt for buggy or ATV tours.However, the most unmissable experience Phuket has to offer is elephants. With options to suit all tourists, from jungle walks to seeing bathing elephants, you can find the ideal experience. One of the most popular choices is to book a spot with the elephant sanctuary Phuket, where you can touch, interact, and feed the elephants and also take pictures. Learn about how these retired working elephants are treated in their 30 acres of jungle and the work this sanctuary does to help these animals. Make sure to book your morning or afternoon slot to avoid missing out. 

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Mouth Watering Food 

Thailand is renowned for its delicious spiced flavors and freshly made dishes, making it one of the best reasons to visit here. For foodies, it is the ultimate destination. You can find stalls and street vendors while out and about or take a break in one of the many authentic Thai food restaurants, where the locals themselves would choose to eat. 

Welcoming Locals 

Feel genuinely welcome when you arrive in this country. The locals are very friendly and polite and always have a smile on their faces. Unlike other destinations, you will find they are genuinely interested in engaging, want to help, and always make an effort to communicate. You will learn so much by spending time in their company, like how to be more passionate, accepting, and patient. If you want to enjoy world-class hospitality and return from your trip with only positive memories, Thailand is the place to go. 

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  1. With epic tropical beauty, ancient temples, amazing food scene and vibrant nightlife, Thailand truly has a chaotic charm to it that attracts people from across the globe. The country, also referred to as the Land of Smiles, never disappoints

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