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Why Slides Are Better Than Boots for Travel

In recent years, there has been an increasing tendency among hikers to replace their robust walking boots with slides. This is true not just for lengthy walks on the beach or backyard barbecues, but also for other activities. We’ll take a look at some of the advantages that slides offer over regular hiking boots in order to help you make an informed decision about which footwear is best for you and your adventure needs. We’ve broken down this comparison into easy-to-follow areas so that you can see where each design excels and choose which is the best fit for your needs.There has been an tendency among hikers to replace walking boots with slides.Here are tips for Why Slides Are Better Than Boots for Travel.

1. Good Aesthetics

We attempted to make sneakers that could be worn to the workplace or otherwise dressed up, but the experiment failed miserably. When it comes to slides, they may be done up very beautifully, especially with the lavish patterns for the 2021 season. Slides are now a popular fashion trend, and this is expected to continue into next year!

2. Flexibility of Movement

Slides don’t have any obstacles to wedge your toes between. When you’re descending a mountain in boots and shoes, this sensation may be terrible, especially if you’re wearing a helmet. The new styles allow you to work out in your slides just as hard as you would if you were wearing your shoes! A variety of factors, including high temperatures and physical activity, might cause your feet to swell momentarily. In addition, having a wide toe box removes those annoying hot patches on your forefoot. When you wear Freedom Moses yellow slides, you’ll have greater room and comfort in your mid-foot and forefoot areas.

3. Perfect for Wet Environment

What are your summer plans? Are you planning to cross a river or travel to the beach? If you want to be particularly cautious at the beach, you should avoid swimming or walking in the water while wearing footwear. This simply isn’t a viable solution. This is possible with slides because they are designed specifically for this purpose! Slides are frequently the primary choice for these types of excursions. Many active slides are equipped with a lugged or slip-resistant outsole that provides excellent traction on slippery terrain.

4. Light Weight

Because slides include less material than a completely covered shoe, they are naturally a lighter alternative than hiking boots and sneakers. Slides are a great option for people who enjoy the fast-and-light attitude since they reduce weight while maintaining key characteristics such as traction and support. When you think how many times you will be raising your feet up and down when walking a long distance, you can understand how much of a difference it may make at the end of the day to reduce even a tiny bit of weight off each foot.

5. Free of Smell

When hiking, it is important to keep your feet dry at all times. Slides are ultra-breathable by design, which means that your feet will sweat more as a result of the increased ventilation. When it’s hot outdoors and our feet start to sweat, awful things might happen if they’re not able to move away from the house. Wet feet are far more vulnerable to harm than dry feet, and even a little foot ailment such as a blister can have a significant impact on your ability to travel quickly. If your feet are allowed to air out, the odor-causing bacteria will not have a chance to produce any odour. This makes the world a lot more pleasant place for you!


Slides have developed to satisfy the demands of a broader range of users than merely beachcombers, and are now a viable choice for a wide range of recreational activities. If your sport necessitates the use of specialized footwear (such as cycling or rock climbing), do not replace slides for these shoes. Your feet and ankles require a higher amount of protection and support than usual. It all comes down to personal preference when it comes to whether to wear hiking boots or trail running shoes. Hiking boots are an excellent first step, and then slides can be used after you feel comfortable working in less protective footwear.

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