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Why Riga is a Favorite City for Investment

riga city latvia

The beautiful Northern European city of Riga is quickly becoming one of the most popular locations for international investment, especially within technology, software, manufacturing and real estate in Latvia.

With a thriving startup scene, a talented, multilingual workforce, high-speed internet, outstanding infrastructure, and a variety of investment opportunities, it offers everything the savvy international investor looks for to maximize ROI.

So why should you invest in Riga? What investment opportunities are available in this Baltic gem?

Why invest in Riga?

An innovative talent pool

Riga boasts a young, highly skilled, innovative, and multilingual talent pool that rivals any of the main global powers.

In part, this is because the high standards of education in the country attract students from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and further afield who are keen to take advantage of the thriving economy and start their careers in the city.

It’s also a diverse city that encourages gender equality, boasting the latest proportion of women in management in the EU.

A business-friendly environment

Riga offers super-fast internet speeds, high-quality coworking spaces, various investment opportunities and incentives, a business-friendly taxation system and both formal and informal networking events.

Despite being the third biggest city in the Baltics, it also boasts affordable wages, office rentals and business overheads whilst the cost of living remains affordable yet provides the same outstanding working conditions as larger European cities.

A low level of saturation

Although Riga boasts excellent infrastructure, a solid economy, a safe and friendly environment and a talented workforce, it remains one of Northern Europe’s hidden gems for investment.

This means it’s easier for startups and companies to launch and expand here, become more visible and claim their share of the market. Invest in Riga and you can take advantage of these benefits and generate a better ROI than in other better-known locations.

Globally connected

Invest in Riga city and you can benefit from the city’s excellent location in Northern Europe. Offering a complication-free bridge between the European and Asian markets and with more than 100 direct flights from Riga’s airport to the rest of the world, it’s perfectly placed for startups and expanding global businesses that demand more.

An outstanding quality of life

Riga is well known for its friendly and welcoming citizens, safe environment and lush landscapes. But did you know that it’s also a city that prioritizes sustainability and eco-friendly development? The city has plans to become the first climate-neutral city in the Baltics by 2030, making it a greener, cleaner place to invest.


With its vast investment opportunities, thriving economy, innovative workforce, hyper-connectivity, low level of saturation and affordable business-friendly environment, Riga is fast becoming the favorite city for investment in the Baltics. Invest in Riga today.

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