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Why Niagara Falls Canada is the Perfect Destination for the Whole Family

Whenever you travel on holiday with children, you constantly worry about whether there will be enough for them to do. Although going to Niagara Falls is one of the bucket-list destinations, you might think that there wouldn’t be anything else besides that to keep you all entertained, but you’d be wrong. Niagara Falls Canada is a hub of activity for all ages, so below are just a few reasons why you should start looking at flights there for your next family vacation.

Why Niagara Falls Canada is the Perfect Destination for the Whole Family
Photo by: Paul Bica

Niagara Falls Canada, The Perfect Family Vacation Destination

1) Entertainment for everyone

There’s a lot more than meets the eye to this part of Canada, and Clifton Hill should be the first place on your list when you head out for an evening with the kids. They will never get bored here. Wax museums, amusement arcades, dozens of restaurants, haunted houses, gift shops galore – the list goes on. What about a game of prehistoric adventure golf before heading for the local Rain forest Cafe? Or how about a simulator ride through a fun house before filling your boots at the Fudge Factory? You and your family won’t be able to resist the draw of this place.

2) Hotels have everything you could want

Hotels in the area have a lot to offer families, and there aren’t many in the world that can boast of views as memorable as those at Niagara Falls. The Marriott On The Falls is situated right on the side. Not only does it offer spectacular views of the magnificent Falls from your room, but kids can eat, stay and play for free, so why not check out what packages they have on offer?

3) Tours to blow their minds

The whole reason you take your kids with you to foreign lands is so that you can give them memories that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. You want them to experience the culture and adventure that comes with visiting new places, so why not take the kids on a Hornblower tour? You can bet they’ll love getting soaked in Falls spray as the tour boats take you right up close to the wall of water, and they can pick up some fun facts along the way.

4) Get back to nature

There are so many attractions around the Niagara Falls area, and two of the most popular are Marineland and the Niagara Park’s butterfly conservatory. At Marineland, you’ll be able to see performances from dolphins, walruses, sea lions and much more, with the chance for the kids to get up close and personal with a Beluga Whale. Or, why not head for the stunning glass butterfly conservatory, home to over 2,000 butterflies from 45 different species in a rain forest wonderland. It’s only 10 minutes’ drive from the Falls, so we’ll see you there.

I hope these reasons have given you enough inspiration to head over there when planning your next trip. Let me know how it goes!

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