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Why Just Passing Through NYC isn’t an Option

For many, New York City is a destination in and of itself. Full of a vibrant plethora of activities and attractions, NYC has a lot to offer. As a large metropolis, NYC is also a gateway to many other adventures. 

The port of New York transportation is a large cruise ship docking point that takes individuals on some beautiful cruises. Not to mention, JFK International Airport is a common layover place. Another Port of NY transportation hub is the bus terminals. These factors make NYC the center point for adventure, both in the city and beyond.

No matter your reason for being in the Big Apple, especially if it is your first time, there are a few things you should put on your to-do list.

Top Sites to Visit

1. Ground Zero. This site is the heart of NYC – a space that brought both New Yorkers and Americans together. It is where the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks are remembered, and is a beautiful place to come, reflect, and learn. Especially if you were alive during these attacks, it helps provide a sense of peace to all those who visit. 

2. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. This museum houses some of the finest art from some of the most memorable artists, including van Gogh, Monet, and Rodin. Also housed in this beautiful building are ancient Roman and Greek artifacts. 

3. Statue of Liberty. An iconic American and immigrant symbol since the early days of America, the Statue of Liberty is a beautiful beacon and a majesty to behold. Remember that she is accessible by ferry, and while you visit her, you may be interested in checking out Ellis Island, especially if your ancestors emigrated from abroad to NYC. 

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Top Restaurants

1. Time Out Market New York. This market is a one-stop-shop for much of the great cuisine around New York City, allowing you to try a sample of the many different restaurants and specialty chefs that NYC proudly sports.

2. Kochi. Kochi is a recent Michelin Star winner, and specializes in unique Korean food, allowing you to have a multi-course meal and sample some of the finest foods on the menu. Feel like a royalty when you partake in a fine 9-course meal. 

3. Gage & Tollner. This restaurant offers high-end American cuisine, full of steak, rib-eye, fried chicken, and amazing pastries. It is decorated in velvet and mirrors, giving you a luxurious old-time classic feel.

Top Broadway Shows

1. Hamilton. This is a cult classic show that tells the story of the Founding Father, Hamilton, in musical rap form. It is a fun new take on a classic, sometimes forgotten story.

2. MJ the Musical. This musical phenomenon has 25 of the King of Pop’s greatest hits and shares his real-life story along the way. It is certain to take you down memory lane with many iconic songs. 

3. Chicago. The second longest-running show in Broadway history, this story is set in the 1920s, during the time of gangsters and rum runners. It has love, lust, betrayal, and revenge. 

Top Clubs

1. Marquee. This club is the most successful in NYC, sporting electronic dance music and many hit artists of the genre. 

2. Lavo. Lavo is coupled with a nice restaurant, and also plays electronic dance music hits. It has a sister club located in Vegas, and the owners got the club formula right. 

3. Nebula. This club is the largest, newest, and most centrally located, right in the heart of Time Square, and is already making waves in the club community. 


When you consider all the amazing aspects that NYC has to offer, it’s advisable to shift your time into a long weekend and take in the beautiful and vibrant culture of NYC. 

When your amazing time in The Big Apple is over, and you are off to your next adventure, it is always important to plan ahead. NYC is a bustling metropolis, and if you are traveling, some of the public transit, taxicabs, and Ubers can be insufficient. 

It is important to consider NYC cruise terminal transportation. For some this may look like a car service that helps to accommodate all the people in your party, as well as their luggage. This can be quite important to consider when you need a qualified and experienced driver to navigate the confusing New York cruise port transportation system.

Remember, whenever visiting NYC, it is always wise to make accommodations and reservations ahead of time. This helps to cut down on the stress and better enjoy your time, no matter how brief, in New York City. 

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